Roller Slide with Digital Display Review

The Roller Slide is made for people who had a hard time doing crunches and sit-ups due to back and neck strain. But it does so much more. The Roller Slide helps tone back arm and shoulder muscles, in addition to your upper and lower abdominal muscles.

Workouts are easy and take just minutes a day. Simply put both knees on the ground, grab the two handle bars and glide forward as far as you and then contract back to your starting position. Doing this for minutes everyday, you quickly realize the improvement in your shoulder and abdominal area.

Although an ab wheel basically does the same thing, the Roller Slide is more efficient.
Instead of just one wheel, the Roller Slide has four of them; they provide better balance when you glide forth and back. It also has a spring mechanism that it easier to contract.

Right out of the box, the Roller Slide is easy to assemble: just attach the two handlebars into the shafts. Although the package includes a kneepad, it is so thin that you are better off using a pillow or other types of soft cushion otherwise you will be grinding your knees on the floor. The package also includes a digital display screen that time, measure and counts your reps. However, the digital display is also useless (not a surprise since it looks really cheap). Sometimes it doesn’t count your reps; other times it turns itself on and off.

Although the Roller Slide looks solid, it seems easily breakable. There is a humongous warning label that states that, if you slide it backwards without sliding it forward first, the spring mechanism will break. Plus, you put a lot of pressure on the Roller Slide when you use it. Sooner or later, it will break.

Fortunately, the Roller Slide with Digital Display is only around $20; so you get what you pay for: a workout of your back, arm, shoulder, upper and lower abdominal muscles. Just don’t expect it to last for a lifetime.

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