Romantic Restaurants in San Antonio, Texas

Romantic restaurants are easy to find in San Antonio, Texas. Choosing the perfect restaurant to take a first date or take your current loved one out for a romantic evening might take a little research on you part. Break away from your usual haunts a surprise your date with a restaurant excursion to one of these three San Antonio favorites that are heavy on the romance, ambience, and good food.

Zinc Champagne and Wine Bar is located at 207 North Presa Street, San Antonio, Texas, 78205. The energy from the restaurant is lovely inside this romantic century old building. A metal bar is the centerpiece of the d�©cor in this trendy restaurant. Bottles fill the impossibly tall shelves that surround the bar. Impress your date by choosing some house specialties such as escargot, chicken pate, or lamb chutney. The rich and sophisticated dishes at Zinc Champagne and Wine Bar are complimented by their extensive wine and champagne menu. If you are unsure of what to order, ask your server to recommend something. Nothing impresses a girl more than a guy who is willing to ask for instructions. Cigars are smoked here regularly, so be sure to check with date and confirm that the smoke does not bother them.

For a change of scenery to a smoke free environment, take your date to V Bar. V Bar is a stunningly beautiful and romantic bar located on the top of the Hotel Valencia at 150 East Houston Street, San Antonio, Texas, 78205. Silver d�©cor creates a shimmering beautiful restaurant and bar. Flowing silver curtains adorn the walls while velvet couches and pillows dot the interior. The clientele is definitely upscale and confident. Your date is surely to be impressed just by your confidence in bringing him or her to such a successful nightspot. For a little romantic venture take you date out onto the balcony. A beautiful view of the river walk will give you a chance to people watch and start some conversation. The crowd is fashionable, so make sure you and your date are dressed appropriately.

Biga on the Banks is a hip and trendy restaurant locate don the river walk. It is perfect for a romantic afternoon date or even a luxurious evening meal. The d�©cor is modern with concrete walls, flowing white fabric curtains, and plate glass creating a one of a kind interior. Impress your date by recommending one of their house specialties, the seared tuna that is deliciously topped with caramelized pineapple, chili broth, and foie gras. Biga on the Bank is locating at 203 South Saint Marys Street, San Antonio, Texas, 78205.

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