Romantic Tips for the Unromantic

Even if you’re the most unromantic, non-spontaneous person in the world you can still learn how to romance the one you love – if it’s important to you. Sometimes feeling romantic is something you have to work at, since kids, jobs and other obligations often leave you tired or stressed.

Romance means different things to different people and the difference is most noticeable between the sexes. For a guy, a drink or two and some petting is romance. For a woman, incense or flowers are much more romantic.

Get rid of the kids for the night. Nothing ruins the mood quicker than being constantly interrupted by crying, arguing or pestering from children. Even if the activities could take place after the kids go to bed, there could be unexpected necessities involving the children which will eliminate your previous plans.

A man wanting to put a woman in the mood will have a much easier time if the children are well taken care of and the mom knows it. Taking the wife or girlfriend out for a candlelight dinner is a winning move, unless she’s too tired to go out to eat. If that’s the case, order from her favorite restaurant and set the table with tablecloth, flowers and candles.

For some women, laughter is the mood setter. Take your spouse to a comedy club, have a drink or two, and enjoy the show. Afterwards, stop at a little coffee shop or find your way back home. Having an accomplice is helpful. Someone who can set the mood for you may be one of your spouse’s friends or a pal of yours. Have the person light candles and oil burners just before you come home. Sprinkling flower petals on the bed will impress her.

Or, set the mood in the bathroom for the two of you to have a bubble bath. Light candles around the bathtub or hot tub and massage your partner with aromatic oils. Chill a bottle of wine to share while relaxing in the tub. Compliments go a long way, but don’t overdo them. Telling your partner she looks lovely or simply telling her how much you love her can rekindle sparks that you haven’t seen in awhile.

Avoid doing certain things that will kill the mood, such as turning on the tv when arriving home, belching, passing gas, or commenting on the breast size of your waitress earlier in the evening. Don’t discuss sports, work, other women, your pals or the wart on your toe. Discuss things that you know she is interested in, such as a movie you both watched last week or an upcoming event that you both will be attending. Keep discussions light and breezy, but save locker room jokes for the guys.

Putting your partner in the mood is as simple as noticing a few things about them and complying with these desires. A woman that wants to put a man in the mood, for instance, must first know the man. Most any man can forget the rest of the world within minutes after receiving control of the remote. Of course, tv is only a temporary fix if you want the evening to progress to other rooms of the house. One of his favorite meals, served in front of the tv, is another way to please a guy. Even though this seems like nonsense to some women, for many men, life doesn’t get any better than a good meal in front of a good tv show. If you’re not a great cook, order delivery or take-out from his favorite restaurant. Don’t overfeed him or he’s likely to fall asleep on the couch. Now the real conquest comes by attempting to get him out of the television mood and into a romantic mood.

While your man is watching tv and enjoying a great meal, set the mood in the bedroom. Most men aren’t that impressed with candles and incense but done tactfully, they can create a relaxed mood perfect for romance. One or two candles is plenty, don’t get carried away. Oil burners allow you to heat up oil in many great scents. Choose a scent that your husband will love – not a girly, perfume smell. Men love apple pie, beer, money and other scents that remind them of home, success and good times. Incense oils are now created in these scents and many more. Place the oil burner away from the bed but within the room.

Allow your man plenty of time to relax, alone with his tv, and let his food settle. To pass the time take a long hot bath and use aromatic bath oils or salts. Don’t use something overpowering. Wear something that is in his favorite color. It doesn’t matter if you have the perfect figure, just look as nice as possible. Now the trick is to think of something that will get him away from the tv and to the bedroom. After serving him his favorite meal and turning over the remote, he may be cooperative if you call him to “come help” you with something. When he comes into the room, he’ll get the idea and hopefully, play along.

Having the woman take the initiative is a real turn-on for some men and they will be happy to participate. If you know your man likes certain things, like leaving the light on, or getting a massage, do this for him tonight.

If your guy loves the great outdoors, consider setting up a blanket and pillows under the stars, in a private location. It’s not only important that this is done out of sight, but out of earshot of the neighbors as well. Most men love to have sex in different places, so consider the garage, the back yard, the tub or other unusual locations, even if it’s not really your cup of tea.

Putting your own wants aside for your partner is sometimes all it takes to win a night of romance and passion. Begin by doing things your partner loves and before you know it, you’ll both be enjoying yourselves tremendously.

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