Change a woman’s mind about you

Hey, so you made a mistake in your relationship… you’re human after all we all make mistakes but once you make those mistakes towards your partner then she has the wrong impression of you and that is where things go wrong in a relationship, you see most women date guys to take it till the very end… I’m talking marriage and if you’re not husband material for them, they are most likely going to escape as fast as they can when they see you do such mistakes which they don’t like.

However don’t lose hope, life always gives you a second chance… and even more depending on the situation you will just need to trigger some emotions and once you read the steps below try to be as smooth and as natural as you can, improvise… don’t do them like you’re reading a book… do NOT be robotic just be natural, sensitive and show you care… you probably do care if you want her to change her mind that’s for sure.


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    The typical mistake guys make it always rethinking about there mistake again and again… It’s ok to feel guilty but don’t murder yourself… you made a “mistake” that is a part of life, it’s a learning curve you need to accept that the mistake was yours and you cannot do nothing to change that. The last thing you want to do is bring up that mistake(s) to your partner. Don’t do that.

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    Don’t go showing your face straight away, give her some time… that is what makes tough times pass, with time everyone’s anger falls down as you begin to accept a mistake someone has done, do go in slide tackling trying to defend yourself and making them change there mind on the first day, that would be a no go and you will only make things worse.

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    When your partner’s feelings become less strong then is the best time to go ahead and make contact with them, speak it over and if you truly believe you have made the mistakes this time then go ahead and sincerely apologize… don’t come across as you’re begging to be forgiven because you will look even more worthless… keep it simple, show the love, show the care.

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    Do not FAKE it, you will be almost see-through just simply show you are a changed man, that’s all you have to do – express that you understand her negative thoughts and that you are disappointed in yourself but as we stated above don’t over do it when putting yourself down in front of her… Remember do NOT pick up on where you left in the past, leave that in the past do not speak about it – simply stay cool headed, stay confident and be extra sincere and show you care once you do all these steps you will see good responses from her. Remember just be natural.

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