How to Stay Friends After a Divorce

Divorce is the most extreme decision for a married couple and often their relation ends up in a messy and complex situation. It becomes very difficult for the couple to stay in good terms after getting divorced as they get a feeling of hatred for each other. However, those couples who have got kids and have also a joint property need to stay in good terms even after their divorce in order to resolve the post-divorce matters in a peaceful manner. Many people become aggressive after the divorce and they do not want to tolerate each other, which makes the matters worst.

However, people who have a joint property and have also got kids should behave with each other in a decent way. It will not only help them in getting their post-divorce matters resolved in an appropriate and peaceful manner but will also help them in maintaining a good relationship with their kids. It is difficult to remain in good terms after the divorce but it is not impossible. If you want to deal with the property and kids matters in a reasonable way then you have to adopt a decent behaviour with your ex spouse. If you feel it difficult then take a basic idea from this post which will help you in this regard.


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    First of all, you should involve a third party or a mediator for resolving the matters of custody of children and the division of joint property. Take an appointment from the mediator and you both should go to him for consultation at the appointed time.

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    Make sure you both follow the rules and regulations that deal with the division of property matters and custody of kids.

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    If possible, plan with mutual understanding that who will remain with kids on holidays and who will keep kids in his or her custody for the rest of the week.

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    Make sure you are agreed on things that should be avoided in order to keep the matters smooth with the children.

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    Divide the property by following the rules and regulations which will help them avoid filing case against each other in the court.

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    Do not say anything disapproving for your spouse which can make the matters worst. Always try to avoid anything that can cause trouble for you and your children after the divorce.

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    Make sure you do not discuss anything like dating of your spouse with someone else because both of you are free to do anything you want.

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    You should realise that your post-divorce relationship has changed and that your ex-spouse is no more than a friend. Treat your ex-spouse like you do with all of your friends which will make the matters light and it will also help in staying in good terms with your ex-spouse after divorce.

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