How to Accept Social Isolation for Targeted Individuals

Are you a targeted individual? a victim of social isolation? Social isolation is the worst form of punishment that mankind has invented. It leaves you totally void of life and hopeless. However, some brave individuals do handle the situation really well and make this painful easier for themselves.

A point of wonder is; some political and independence activists are known to spend decades in prison, in complete social isolation and yet survive well because they had a strong spirit. This leaves us with the conclusion that it is the spirit that counts and is going to help you combat it well. The following article has tips to accept and deal with social isolation as a targeted individual.


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    Find other Victims and Share:

    Interact on social forums like facebook, twitter and messenger with other individuals who have been a victim of such treatment in their lives. You can share with them and also gain tips on how to accept or fight it.

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    Help Others:

    Indulge in volunteer and charity work. It is here that you will realize that how blessed you still are. Your own problems will appear pea nuts in front of those of the less privileged. It is in helping others that a human finds that true happiness and contentment.

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    Remain Busy:

    The more you work, the less time you will have to miss social life. It will also give you an opportunity to excel in your field and gain a status where people will themselves want to interact with your for their interests. Remaining busy will also prevent you from thinking too much about your situation and falling into depression.

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    Adopt Hobbies:

    Books, writing, painting are hobbies so charming that they even drag the most social of men into isolation. For targeted individuals, they can prove as the best form to spend their time. You can read about the hardships other people faced in their lives and get inspiration from there. Gardening and yoga are two refreshing and interesting hobbies which also improve your outlook about life.

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    Pets Can be Best Friends:

    Your pet be it a hamster or a cat can be a great outlet for a catharsis. Bring a pet home, feed it nicely and take good care of it. In no time, it will start responding to your calls and give you company better than any man out there. It will listen to all your complaints silently and comfort you with sorrowful eyes. In happier times it will join you in a dance across the house to celebrate.

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    Make Internet Friends:

    The internet allows you to make friends worldwide who come from diverse cultures and mindsets. This makes them neutral and friendly and if you come across good people to interact virtually, you will not miss those who have been isolating you.

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    Keep up The Fight:

    Do not give up on friends and relationships. Unbiased and good-natured people exist in this world who are going to accept and love you, no matter what the situation is. A strong spirit is what is going to keep you going and combat the most difficult of life periods.

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