How to Breast Feed Your Baby Successfully

Breastfeed plays an important role in ensuring the healthy life of your infant. Most of the doctors strongly advised mothers to breastfeed their kids as much as possible and at the same time, they require mothers to take maximum care of themselves. Not to mention that women can exhaust due to the breastfeeding, thus it is important that a woman should increase the use of juices and snacks to avoid exertion. Nevertheless, it can take several weeks since a mother could be able to breastfeed her kid in a proper manner.


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    Take care of your hygiene

    Most mothers undermine the importance of hygiene and assume that their hands are neat and clean, which is of course not the case. It is of pivotal importance that you take care of your hygiene and your baby. For this, you must consider washing your hands properly.

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    Choose your breastfeeding position

    There are a lot of breastfeeding positions thus you must choose the one, which suits you and your baby. For this, you must keep trying holding your baby in different ways and if you are lucky, you will find the best suitable position for yourself. You can hold the baby in your lap and let her breastfeed or you can lay down the baby on your side.

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    Firm your grip on the baby

    After you have decided the best suitable position, you must now try to firm your grip and hold the baby as close as possible. You should bring the baby close to your breast and start putting your nipple in his mouth. After you have placed the nipple on baby’s lip, you must insert your nipple into the baby’s mouth and let him feed as he pleases. Now you must allow the baby to breastfeed and do not disturb him.

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    Switch breasts

    It is of considerable importance that you should not keep breastfeeding your child on one breast. In fact, you must keep switching breasts on alternate days or weeks.

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