Top 10 Ways to Deal with Backbiting Friends

Brain is a blessing for humans but it depends on how you use it. Some people use it for good while others for evil purposes. It brings people closer and betters their relationships. However, it can destroy many relationships if used for evil means. Friendship is one relationship which is not made by law or blood. They help us cope in bad times and cheer with us in good times. However, you cannot figure out what is in their mind i.e. if they are friend in reality or our foe. People sometimes blindly trust them but it is possible they are leaking their secrets. With some tips, you can cope with this situation if it arises.


  • 1

    Let your backbiting friend rot in hell

    When a person backbites, his all good deeds are washed away. You should encourage him in backbiting and let him go to hell. By this you will end up with good deeds only.

  • 2

    Assist them in recovering

    You should help them recover from this bad habit. Remember that backbiting is a really bad habit and is an unmoral act in our society. Avoid fighting and help them recover from this problem.

  • 3

    Prove him wrong

    If your backbiting friend is spreading false rumours, let them spread. Simply prove him wrong in the end because he it is not true.

  • 4

    Do not mind

    You should not go out and silence dogs. Simply do not mind as silence is the best solution for this problem.

  • 5

    Learn the lesson

    After you find out a rat among your friends, you should avoid telling your secrets to him. Do not share your secretes and other personal stuff with him. You should keep your mouth shut when staying with him.

  • 6

    Walk away

    Keep in mind that these rumours won’t affect you or your health at all. Remember that a backbiting friend is worse than your enemy. After you are confirmed about the person, you should simply kick him out of your life.

  • 7

    Avoid him

    You should ignore that person and try to avoid him at all. Do not talk to him or hang around with that person.

  • 8

    Talk to him

    When you find out that your friend is passing false rumours about you, you should confront him directly. There might be a chance a third person is involved who is jealous from your friendship or that person might not meant what he said.

  • 9

    Know the reason

    You need to find out why that person is spreading false rumours. It might be possible you have hurt him in past or he is jealous from your popularity.

  • 10


    You need to go out in public and humiliate him in front of everyone. Expose him and tell everyone how big liar he is.

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