How to Remember Birthdays on IPhone

Most of us find it very hard to remember birthdays and end up offending friends or relatives. While we are morally obligated to wish our loved ones, it truly does become hard to remember certain days or dates given the pace of life today. The classic method of keeping a diary for all important information is one effective solution, but the advent of smartphones has made diaries and pocket notepads redundant.

Smartphones allow users to maintain data and schedule reminders for certain events. The iPhone has been one of the industry’s leading smart phones and has several features which can help one organize his/her appointments, events and set up notifications; leaving you with no excuse when it comes to remembering birthdays.


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    Latest iPhone software comes with an application called ‘Reminders’, which allows you to list things to do and important occasions. Make a list of people who are important for you and list their birthdays along with their names and age.

    Once you have entered the date of birth and name of your friend, switch on ‘Remind me on a day’. Having done this, you will be informed on the right date.

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    The iPhone calendar has an option of saving important dates, notes or birthdays. This application will remind you about the birthdays that you have stored in your phone.

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    MyCalendar is a free application which can be downloaded from the Apple Store. Apart from having the option of randomly saving birthdays in the calendar, one of its key features is that it allows you to import birthdays from facebook. It possesses customizable reminder settings and you receive notifications. By just one click, you can easily send a Happy Birthday message to your friend through this application.

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    SmartSync is another wonderful application, which synchronises with facebook and keeps you updated about the birthdays of people who are in your friends list. It is a very popular application, being used by thousands of people all around the world. It also allows you to be updated about facebook statuses and the pictures of your friends.  Through this application, you will see the picture of your facebook contact on your iPhone when he/she calls you or even when you call anyone.

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