Super list of why you were dumped : Some reasons you won’t even believe

Super list of why you were dumped : Some reasons you won’t even believe

If you think there is something going on and this feeling has been active for a long while, chances are high you may just be right.  There are many reasons why relationships don’t workout but having the list in one central place is a very good resource.

Let’s see if your reason for parting from your ex is one of the reason already on this list.

Here is one

I always had a feeling in my gut that she was hiding something from me, one day she left her email up on my computer and I see a reply to a craigslist add about some truck she and her HUSBAND were selling (she had told me they had been divorced for a while). I call the guy and ask if they’re currently together he says yes and I tell him what she’s been up to and the rest is history.



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    And here is another

    My partner, of 10+ years, left me a little while ago with no clear reason. I've got several theories but am still not sure what triggered it. I've accepted that i'll probably never know. I then found out he is taking someone else on a trip that I booked for the both of us. Such a gentleman.

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    One more

    found out she cheated on me right after the day my father died of cancer (this was in June) After I found out she never said anything and just left and completely erased my entire existence from her life (all pictures on social media, unfriended, stuff like that) This was a 4 year relationship and I never saw it ending like it did.

    You can read the full list here

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