How to Break Up With Someone You Still Love

Breaking up with someone who was very close to you is always the toughest phase of life to get through. Undoubtedly, it is extremely hard for everyone to part ways with those people who were once dearest to you. Nevertheless, if you are breaking up with someone you are still in love, it can be a very complicated matter. There are not many reasons for breaking up with the loved ones, the most common being the fear of getting hurt.


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    Realise the need

    You must repeatedly ask yourself the same question whether you really want to break up with your loved one or not? You should ask yourself for the reason behind this. Put yourself in the shoes of your loved one and imagine how would you feel if he/she does the same to you? What type of questions would he/she ask? How many times he/she will ask you to compromise or give him another chance to improve himself? What would your friends and family members think? How would your best friend respond to this?

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    Take the decision

    After you have carefully reviewed every aspect of the relationship and you are certain that you want to take the decision, and then you must stick to your words.  Not to mention, there is a high probability that you will be asked with the series off question.

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    Explain him the reason

    Explaining him the reason to part ways will help you a lot. There is a strong possibility that your loved one will try to convince you otherwise but you must help him understand the importance of this decision.

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    Do not keep any belongings

    You should not keep the gifts or other belongings and return these to the loved one. Looking at the things, which your loved one sent to you, as a gift can be very difficult, thus, it is strongly recommended that you return all such gifts or at least split them in the half

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    Have patience

    This requires a lot of patience, thus it is necessary that both of you should act carefully. In this phase, most people start spending time with each other as friends and nothing special. This also allows you in knowing whether you really miss each other or not.

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    Do not keep anything in heart

    It is of utmost importance that you should not hold any grudges against anyone.

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