How to Impress Your Ex Boyfriend

You had a rough break up; either you are relieved its over or you regret it. By impressing him you can get him back or make him jealous. Women believe they should write long love letters or express their emotions in order to get their dream guy back; it hardly works now. Try to impress the guy you adore to get him back in your life. Follow some of these simple steps to stir up emotions again.


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    Before planning to impress him, you really need to think why the break up happened in the first place. Think over the past, if you really want to get back with him. Is there still a chance to make amendments, do you still have feelings or you are over him?  In order to get a fresh start, you need to befriend him. Try to gain his trust, become a good friend and then steadily move forward. As he starts to enjoy his time with you, he will think over the good memories and think if getting back together. Be yourself as the guy liked the real you, your true personality is the most attractive thing. It is important that you don’t appear desperate. Do not get clingy and give him space. It will give him time to think and also make him admire your maturity. Show him that you also have other options; he is not the only person, there are many others who would admire you and respect you. Be cool about the whole thing and have a casual conversation with him when you people pass by.

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    Pay attention to yourself. The way you look is extremely important. Join a gym to tone up your figure, you will feel better and also look better. Work on your posture; the way you walk, the way you sit, the way you observe. Also pay attention to your wardrobe. Dress elegant and stylish; guys like presentable girls. Wear the clothes that your boyfriend liked, as they will appeal to him. It will attract him again.

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    Men don’t like drama and try to avoid it. Stay away from any public confrontations as they will create further issues. Instead of resolving problems, they will increase.  Never bitch about your ex boyfriend as this talk spreads like wild fire. It will give a bad impression about you and your ex will end up hating you.

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