How to Access My Wife’s Text Messages

You seem to be a bit tensed about your wife’s continuous texting? You are thinking what is she actually texting and more importantly who is the one who is having her attention all the time. If all these questions are bothering you then you have reached the right place to find the solution for this matter but there is no guarantee that you will be successful in your campaign unless you are clever, smart and able to deceive your husband.

It is impossible to ask your wife this question directly that who is she texting because it will just give a wrong message to her and she will think that you are not trusting her enough and asking those questions that actually give rise to fights etc. So, the easier and non-violent method to solve this issue is to not let her know that you are actually bothered about her texting habit instead you are very cool with it. You can wait for few days as well and know that whether the texting habit is gone or your wife is addicted to it forever.

If the former case happens, then your problem is solved without doing anything about it but for the latter case, you have to do something in order to know the receiver of that barrage of messages that leave your wife’s mobile network all the time.


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    Wife can create drama at a huge scale so make sure that you are ready for this act. She can accuse you of multiple things like no trust, no care etc. She will brag about your attitude from the past months and create a scenario that will make you feel miserable. So, be ready for the consequences.

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    Wait until she goes to the kitchen and makes some food for you or the safer option is to tap her purse when she is taking a bath.

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    Open the purse, find the phone and know the number/name of the recent receivers.

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    Never steal your wife’s phone because if you get caught, you will soon be told to leave the place that you planned to live in for the entire life. So beware, be very aware!

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