How to Express Your Love to a Woman

Many a times it takes a lot of courage for a man to express his love to his dream girl. Saying those three words may not be that easy. Women like the feeling when a man surprises her, so choose different ways to express your love. It is said that actions are louder than words, so when you think it is the right time, make her feel that. A simple I love you may work at times, but there are many other ways to flatter and express the girl you love. Read on to get ideas on how to express to your special someone.


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    First are the verbal expressions. It is important to say it face to face. If the relationship hasn't started yet, start with a statement like, “I think we can make a great couple”. If she already is your girlfriend, it is important to keep reminding it to her. If you are expressive, it will make your bond stronger and you both will remain close to each other. Keep expressing by paying compliments often, saying I love you and telling them how important they are in your life. It is important to say it on the right time and with confidence, look into her eyes and then say it.

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    Sometimes creativity works wonders. Putting your feelings in writing can be very romantic especially if you are not good at saying it verbally. Write a small poem or a love letter. Include everything you want to say. It will help in starting a contact and you will be less nervous. It is not necessary to just write I love you; you can personalize it any way you want. Before writing, think of all the things you like about her and what attracts you to her. Tell these points to make her feel special. Hand written note also gives a more personal touch as it is in your own hand writing.

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    Just words aren’t enough; you need to show your love in order to prove it to her. Some of the simplest options are to smile at her; the way you look can make a girl feel attracted to you. Try to be approachable and available to talk to. Keep your body language relaxed and make sure to keep eye contact. Do not be too worried that you will blush as many girls find it cute. If you know how to wink, use it in the right situations as it adds excitement and fun.
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