How to Leave a Relationship with an Addict

Living in a relationship with an addict can have a devastating impact on you and your children’s (if you have any) life, but when it comes to dealing with the issue and deciding to end the troubled relationship, things become even more difficult. An addict, whether they love drugs or are sexually frustrated, can make your life hell if you do not do the right things at the right time. If you think you are done counseling your addicted partner and he/she has gone through rehabs several times, it is now time to call it quits and save your life from deteriorating further.


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    Make up your mind about it

    Pull yourself together first and realize that you have a life to live and cannot afford to make a fool of yourself anymore. It does not make sense to leave the addicted partner in a lurch, but when things become too tough to handle and it is dragging you down each day, it is now time to toughen up. Be brave enough to accept the reality that you cannot live miserably for the rest of your life and you have to get out of the ailing relationship as quickly as possible.

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    Take your partner into confidence

    Take your addicted partner into confidence before you make up your mind about leaving him or her. It is better to make a written statement, mentioning why you will get out the relationship and how positive this decision will be for both of you. Putting things on paper will make the issue more serious. You do not have express hate or frustration, all you have to do it tell the partner straight away that living together will not only take a toll on just the two of you, but will also devastate your and his/her in-laws and children.

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    Get your family involved

    Before you make a final decision and end the relationship, get your family members involved and take them into confidence. Nobody in the world will help you out selflessly in this difficult situation but your own family. Talk to your parents and tell them that you have made the decision due to not being able to live with an addict.

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    Build your support network

    Be ready to face a number of difficulties once you get out of a fraught relationship with an addict. You will definitely go through some mental and emotional pain after ending the relationship and this is when you will need someone to prop you up and boost your morale.

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