How to Crash a Wedding Party

Looking for better ways to crash a wedding party? Usually people don’t like normal weddings as they are boring but crashing a wedding of a stranger is something totally different. The best thing about crashing a wedding is that you can easily pick up a girl get lucky despite the fact that you are a total stranger there. However, crashing a wedding party is not as easy as it seems. One must have enough experience or a qualified wing-man along him in order to avoid getting caught and successfully crashing a wedding party.


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    Dress up for the occasion

    You cannot expect to gel in with the rest of the guests if you are not properly dressed up for the occasion. Wear a tuxedo or a fancy looking suit if you want to get inside unnoticed. Don’t forget to do a little homework regarding the wedding couple and try to get the required information from the guests around.

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    Get inside without an invitation

    While entering the reception, congratulate the wedding couple and use the words like May they live happy ever after. Or you can choose to delay a little and enter the wedding reception after it is already started. This way you can sneak in unnoticed as most of the guests will be busy drinking and dancing and they won’t pay much attention to your arrival.

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    Pretend to be a relative

    You can always pretend to be a distant relative of either the groom or the bride. Usually they don’t ask you much questions but in case they do, you can always make stuff up.

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    Do not explain yourself

    Do whatever you do but do not explain yourself. Try not to talk about yourself and if someone inquires about you, change the topic of discussion at that very instant to avoid any mishaps.

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    Listen to what people are talking around you. Try to get as much information as possible about the bride and groom so if someone asks you, you will be able to answer their questions and satisfy them to some extent.

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    Dance with the ladies

    Do not hesitate in dancing with the ladies. However, do not go directly to the prettiest of the girls straight away and first try to gel in.

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    Finish with a bang

    Leave the party with a bang. You can always pretend to be drunk and give a funny toast to wrap things up.

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