How to Build a Long Lasting Relationship

Long Lasting Relationships may look inspirational, but are they easy to maintain?  A careful research study clearly shows that relationships hardly go all-out but collide prior to leaving the ground. Moreover, in today’s swift paced world that we live in, finding somebody with sincere and true feelings is a miracle. However, we cannot give up so early as a strong belief in yourself and your feelings can provide you with the strength to maintain a long lasting relationship that can fill your life with happiness. A true, long lasting relationship is none other than a great gift of nature and a magical fantasy.

Follow the easy steps of this simple article to build a long lasting relationship out of your budding romance:


  • 1

    Begin by simply being friends

    There is no need to be over-exited about any relationship and jump into a commitment. Healthy friendship is the initial stage of a long lasting relationship. So, begin the relationship by being friends.

  • 2

    Develop Understanding

    Once you both pass the exam of friendship, start you struggle to develop a close relationship. Both partners in a relationship are no doubt two separate souls with different mentality, perceptions and thinking. Therefore, it gets difficult to understand one another’s point of view. The best thing you can do in this regard is, spend some time together and try to develop an understanding, which is the foundation of a long lasting relationship. Time is the biggest healer, so take your time in a relationship to overcome the initial minor issues and to sow the seed of a healthy relationship.

  • 3

    Be an open book

    Be an open book towards your partner and make sure not to hide anything. It is well said that, “Truth is never hidden.” Do not hesitate and tell each other everything regarding yourself and associated things.

  • 4

    Trust each other

    Your relationship is never going to work unless you trust your partner. It is the basic rule of a relationship as fake and illogical negative assumptions can ruin your relationship.

  • 5

    Do not break the trust in relationship

    Well said that “Trust in a relationship is like a mirror. Once broken, you can never look at in the same way again.” So, respect your partner’s trust in you and do not break it any cost. Simple is the rule of relationship that, it does not have any space for cheating and lying.

  • 6

    Share feelings and emotions

    According to a famous Swedish proverb, “Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.” Share even minor issues and seek your partner’s advice. If you have any question regarding your partner, then do not make the mistake to keep it to yourself and ask him and her without any hesitation. Many times we perceive things wrongly, which spoils our relationships. So isn’t it better to share things and to clarify the perceptional irregularities?

  • 7

    Make your relationship a priority

    Make sure to give your relationship the utmost priority it deserves. Your partner is the one who is close you, with whom you can share each and everything. Therefore, give proper time and attention to your relationship to make it a long lasting one.

  • 8

    Change yourself according to your partner

    Change is good for a long lasting relationship. If your partner wants you to change according to him or her, then there is no harm in it. After all, he or she is the one really close to you and can never give you a wrong advice. Many times both male and female partners are found possessive in a relationship, therefore, try to understand his or her feelings and change accordingly – if genuine. But do put your point of view across and make your partner understand it.

  • 9

    Let your partner know about your feeling toward him or her

    Speak out and put across your love towards your partner, by letting him or her know that how blessed you feel to have them in your life. It is the best way to realize yours or the other person’s importance in each other’s life.

  • 10

    Act upon the formula of “We” not “I”

    There is no place for the concept of “I” in a successful relationship. One should think like two souls, one thought or one heart, keeping his or her partner’s interests in mind.

  • 11

    Find out about your partner’s likes and dislikes

    Try to find your partner’s likes and dislikes in order to develop a healthy relationship by understanding him or her in a better way. The likes and dislikes of a couple can be about routine life, thinking, sex, clothing, food, etc. Take care of even minor things about your partner.

  • 12

    Avoid unimportant issues

    Many time minor relationship issues end in a breakup. Therefore, do not give room to such issues and solve them in early stages, without spoiling your relationship. The best solution to avoid issues in a relationship is, understanding one another’s situation by keeping yourself in his or her place.

  • 13

    Get rid of your ego

    No relationship can sustain with an ego. Love and ego can never survive together. So, kick off your ego for the sake of your partner’s life and enjoy a healthy relationship.

  • 14

    Forgiveness works

    Forgiveness in a relationship means you don't pay heed to the past but are only concerned about what the present and what lies head. No doubt, forgiveness is obvious to maintain a good relationship but it doesn’t mean one can make the same mistakes time to time.

  • 15

    Give your partner space – when required

    Just as much as we require time in our partner’s company, we also need space when we are tensed or upset. For that reason, make sure to provide your partner with the required space, when he or she needs it.

  • 16

    The Power of Touch in a Relationship

    Last but not the least, the secret to a Long Lasting Relationship is a pleasurable sex life. When your partner least expects you to be bold, find your way to him or her. Kiss and hug your partner spontaneously. However, it does not always have to be that way. Therefore, try to keep sex pleasing and exciting by coming up with unique ways to retain the passion every time.

    Note: If you are not married yet, then make sure to have “Safe Sex.” It simply means taking safety measures in order to defend yourself against some fatal sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like AIDS etc.

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