How to Encourage Your Wife to Dress in an Attractive and Alluring Manner

There is no denying the fact that a beautiful woman looks even more attractive if she dresses up in a manner that can best described as alluring and hot. Short skirts, tops with plunging necklines, mini-dresses, there are just so many types of clothes that a man would love to see a woman in.

A lot of husbands want the same from their wives. Rather than allowing themselves to be enticed by other women, they want their better half to dress up in an alluring and exciting manner. Communicating this desire to the wife and convincing her to agree to it can be tough if the matter is not approach appropriately.


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    Compliment your wife as often as you can to make her feel confident about her body. A lot of women want to dress up in an attractive and alluring manner, but do not do so because of their lack of confidence in their body. They feel that wearing clothes that are too revealing would make their imperfections prominent, or make them look really awkward. You need to make your wife believe that she is extremely hot and there is no better way to do this than by sending frequent and genuine compliments her way. Since she is your wife, you have no reason to shy away from pointing out the parts of her body that you love the most.

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    Make your wife aware of your desire to see her dress up in an attractive and alluring manner. There are plenty of wives out there who want to flaunt their body, but they do not do it because of the fear of backlash from their husbands. Tell your wife that you want to see her in attractive clothes. She may just be waiting for these words to come out of your mouth and immediately go out buy some really alluring clothes after getting a green signal from you.

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    Take her out to places where she can see other people dressed up. Finding so many women dressed up in an attractive and alluring manner and looking so comfortable in them will give her the confidence to dress up in the same manner as well. Remember to support her decision.

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    When you see women dressed up the way you want your wife to dress up, be sure to say something nice about them to your wife. She is bound to feel jealous and try to out-do those women by dressing up in an even more attractive and alluring manner.

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    Make your wife understand that there is nothing wrong with dressing up in an alluring manner. Tell her that God has blessed her with a beautiful body and therefore she should not be ashamed of flaunting it.

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