How to Set Television Rules for Your Kids

Television can be an addiction stronger than opium. Children all around the world are spending a great portion of their time glued to the screens, whether they are really interested in the show or not. Most find it as the best means to drive off boredom. However, television has sucked up the time kids used to spend on outdoor activities, sports, homework and with family. Such extensive duration causes both psychological and physical health problems. If you are observing that your kids are spending most of their day on the couch flipping channels, it is about time you put down a foot on this. This step by step guide aims to help such parents out.


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    Set limited timings:

    Health experts believe school going children should ideally spend under two hours of their day in front of their t.v. Talk to the kids and explain them why you believe they should have limited t.v watching timings. Give reference to health, obesity and psychological issues. You can also lecture them on power saving and how television sucks up so much electricity. Children should be able to comprehend the reasons for the rules you set down. As parents, you need to set down examples by limiting your own viewership time.

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    Decide the number and kind of shows:

    Ask your children to make the list of shows they want to see and build it around their timetable of homework and play. Sit with them one day and analyze the nature of these shows. See if you need to use the parental control option available in most television sets which restricts selected shows and channels. Encourage children to decide among themselves about different types of show and control of the remote.

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    Relax rules on weekends and informative shows:

    If you observe your children watching a show that you believe will contribute towards their social and educational development, let them exceed the two hour limit. On weekends make it a family event to watch a show together so that you get to spend quality time, and you also keep track of your children's progress and views.

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    Use the television o your benefit:

    Make the whole idea of television viewing appear as a privilege. When kids behave well, tip them with extra timings. They should also know it well that if they misbehave, this privilege can be taken away and they will have to miss their favorite shows.

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