How to be more caring

Are you the type of person that doesn’t believe in giving others sympathy? You might feel because of your past experiences being a lot worse when others are around you moaning about there life, you shouldn’t care but the truth is… the reason why people share the sad moments of there life is to gain some sort of sympathy, for you to give them a boost from where there state of mind currently is and the last thing they want is for you to come across angry or always being mad – that is why this guide will teach you how to control your anger but mainly how to be much more caring, this will be going back to basics even if you know the points below… it’s always a good reminder.


  • 1

    Stay humble – this may be easy to say but many people find it very difficult to remain humble to the outside world, humbleness can be shown by action or even the way you speak… Don’t let the anger control you, let it out and just smile – show the world that you are happy with life without bragging about your achievements (job, salary, car, expensive watch, rich boyfriend/girlfriend) whatever it may be… the moment you try to think you’re better than someone it means you’re not considered a humble human being. When an opportunity arises to help someone… Do NOT think twice, HELP!

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    Do you like being heard? When you speak to people? The answer is yes. So when people around you want someone to speak to, keep them ears open and give the best possible feedback you can give – this is a great sign of showing that you care when you listen to someone when they’re currently facing a very low moment and you try to make them understand the positives behind there situation rather than all the negatives they’re currently thinking.

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    Have a little more sympathy than you currently do, if someone is having a bad moment in there life and they’re currently opening up to you and telling you what is deep down in there heart then the best thing you can possibly do is give them the support by comforting them with kind supportive words and remember to have a good tone of voice to show that extra bit of sympathy.

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    You must love yourself first in order to show some sort of care for others, once you’re standing on your own two feet and taking full care of your mental health along with your physical health then you’ll be able to take care of others.

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    For example if you’re a doctor and you get only 3 hours sleep it means you wont be able to help anyone as you have problems of your own therefore the impact you make on others lives will be a lot less.

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    Show confidence – if you’re insecure and shy yourself it means you will not be able to comfort anyone as you need that comfort yourself… make sure you are keeping your posture correct when trying to be more caring otherwise the lazy posture will come across as you not being bothered.

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    Try to pick out the main points of the current situation the person is trying to tell you therefore you can see both sides of the story, although you should show you “Care” it is always best to be honest whilst caring, if you believe the person you are speaking to may have be the one to blame… Reassure them that nobody is perfect, humans make mistakes that you will only grow from it etc.

  • 8

    Smile as much as possible unless of course the situation doesn’t allow you to do so

  • 9

    Hug them if you think they need one, an expected hug usually shows how much you care for someone by showing you’re here… close to them. A hug may mean nothing to you however when you’re feeling down, a hug can take away a lot of pain almost instantly.

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