Steps To Choose The Right Wedding Dress

There are few things as overwhelming as the sheer joy of being engaged. It is not the thrill of the engagement but the journey from that moment onwards to the actual wedding, the many imaginations and fantasies a woman goes through just for one day and they all, most importantly involves a wedding dress.

The wedding dress is probably one of the few things you will remember regardless of whatever will be happening that day. This is why most women are hell bent on attaining the dress of the dream. Purchasing the wrong wedding dress could be disaster for any woman especially when they do not know the rules to follow. This article will highlight the factors to help you choose the right wedding dress.


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    Start Early

    Start planning right after the engagement. The last thing any woman wants is to start looking for the “right” dress two months before the wedding, which is a big gamble. With a host of things to do during that period, you should be involved in the finishing details of your wedding not wondering on more time consuming details by now that would be need your attention

    Not only is it better to start months ahead, but also arrive early to your scheduled periods to try for a dress, this is because you have a bridal room of vibrant and energetic staff who would give you all their attention than later in the day.

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    This is another crucial area in obtaining your dream dress. Remember to note the fitting, go for something that fits but leave some room for maneuvering. Remember you will be expected to move about and dance even. If you are a petite bride and you are looking for a ball gown, you might look swallowed up in that dress. It is important to note your shape and the type of dress that fits your shape to give you the best look.

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    Every woman wants that glorious dress that makes it look like sparkles are emanating from it. The advice here is to consider your budget before any dress fitting. It is important to ask the sales person about a particular range of wedding dresses fees and start your selection from there onwards. This way you have an idea of the amount you can spend on dress so you do not get carried away by dresses that will just throw your whole money plans in shambles.

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    The location of your wedding should influence your wedding dress choices. A big ball gown is not suitable for a beach wedding. It is important for you to check all the alternative dresses for that specific location. The weather or temperature must also be considered. If your intended wedding dress is a bit too revealing and you plan to hold your wedding during the cold season, do not complain when your catch cold.

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    Plan B’s

    Whilst you are totally within your right to picture the right dress for you to use, remember your dress will have to match with other items around or on you such as your fashion accessories and make up. So it is wise to have at least three different types of dress you are considering. Imaging have a dress that does not match at all with that stunning family necklace you have been looking at since you were a child. Having different option prevents you from feeling helpless when for some unlucky reason you cannot find your first choice.

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    You would want your dress to feel and look great even as the years roll by instead of rolling your eyes at it and bury it at the bottom of the cupboard. This is because some women fall prey to the trendy seasons where everyone owns the same kind of wedding dresses. The thing with trends is at that point in time, they are reigning until it period is over and its now old news so would your wedding dress be, old news. In order to avoid this, stay true to who you are and follow your heart to attain the right dress that appeals to in every way a dress can appeal to someone and buy it, not only will this last for a long time, your daughters, granddaughters would benefit from the perfect choice you made.

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    Bridal Choice Shop

    It is important to choose the right bridal salon to help you purchase your ideal dress. To achieve this, it is important to go to the salon that has your favorite designers on display, basically at least your top three and shop there, this will make choosing easier. Who would not want to help the bride who wears their designs?

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    Use A Camera (If Allowed)

    Some boutiques do not allow the use of camera but if you have an opportunity where you are allowed, please make good use of it. This is because the camera has a good eye to show different visuals under different lightening other than the eye and can see faults with the dress in photos. It is one thing for the dress to look good in your eye, but it is the photos that last forever, and if its look bad on the photos, then you have a set of your most cherished photos that look bad.
    An alternative would be to research on dress materials that look good on camera, use a camera and similar wedding like materials of your choice to get snapshot of yourself, preferably in white and see how they reflect. It is best to start earlier.

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    Pay Attention to the Top

    This is another highlight of your wedding dress. Most times it is easy to forget this part and focus on the overall version of the dress (which is also important) but it is important to check the upper areas of the tops as it the attention spot, the first thing people see and also the part that appears in all the photos. This is the area that gathers as much attention and should be priority when looking for a wedding dress.

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    Wear Good Undergarments

    For when you go sampling dresses, you should always be in your underwear as you try the different dresses. This will be to make sure your underwear are well fitted to the style of dress you are considering you would want to make sure your underwear are well fitted as they play a part in your fitted dress especially the bra.

    The wrong bra can hinder a seemingly good dress to fit you. It is important to check a store and look for good underwear that helps you attain the exact bra size for a desired effect for your look on that wedding dress.

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    Your Partner’s Opinion Matters

    Consult with your partner when choosing your bridal gown. It is your day as much as his, and basically you are wearing it for him to as well (vice versa), he needs to like it, regardless that even if he doesn’t like it, he would still compliment you in it. It is just considerate to ask what they would prefer and don’t underestimate the fact that some men are very fashion inclined. So ask and hear his opinion and then add up a few ideas to yours. You want both of you to be equally satisfied with what you are both wearing.

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    Limit Your Entourage

    It is a typical move to invite your family, girlfriends (bridesmaids), relatives and every other “important” person to come in the checking of the dress. Having so many people each trying to tug you in a different direction will only lead to chaos and that is not someplace you want to be as a bride, you can’t please everyone and it is your wedding. Go with as few people as possible and figure out your dress.

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    As it is your wedding, your ideas, your choice and what you should be wearing should make you feel confident, special and beautiful. It should appeal to you in every way from the inside out and also it is important that for every dress you wear, you should try every body movement (bend, dance, stand on one leg, sit etc.) this is because you don’t want to be so uncomfortable in your dress that you can’t move in it comfortably. Also do not be afraid of the size, most dresses are twice bigger than the normal size. If there are any need for altercation, then it can be done and adjusted to fit your desired look. This is why it is important to start early and finish early. Don’t forget to follow your heart and be joyful!

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