How to Dress Your Baby

For first time parents, dressing your baby can be something of a daunting task. Your little bundle of joy is small, squirmy and can’t help you very much with the dressing process. This however does not change the fact that you will have to dress your child regularly and therefore should become quite proficient in it.


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    Get a Clean Diaper Ready

    Before setting your baby up in their clean and fancy threads, they should have a clean diaper on.

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    Find Appropriate Location

    In order to effectively change your baby's clothes, it is important to have a flat surface that is at a height that allows you to comfortably hold and support the baby. A diaper changing station or dresser with some cushioning for the baby work extremely well.

    Make sure your baby is safe, well placed and settled before clothing them. Lay your baby face up.

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    Start with Under Shirt

    The under shirt is the first garment that should be put on your baby. In order to put the shirt on, hold the neck of the shirt open with your fingers and scrunch the shirt from the bottom up in order to pass it over your baby's head.

    Slip your baby's head into the neck hole and gently and quickly. Scrunching the shirt allows you to pass it over the baby's face and head rapidly. Support your baby's head as you pass the under shirt over.

    Pull baby's arms through the arm holes one at a time. Reach your fingers through the arm hold and gently grab the baby's hand. Pull through the hole minding the fingers and thumb to ensure they do not get caught. Repeat for the other arm.

    Once you have done so, pull the shirt down gently as low as you can.

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    Shirt, Sleeper and One-Piece Outfits

    Shirts and sleepers with similar neck holes to the under shirts should follow the Step outlined above.

    Once you have done so, the outfit should be pulled down towards baby's feet. Holding the baby's leg (one at a time) place it into the leg of the outfit. If there is an opening at the bottom of the legs, reach through with your hand and gently pull your baby's leg through the hole. Be mindful of baby's toes when doing so.

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    Pants for baby are put on like ours, one leg at a time. Lay the pants just below your baby and reach through the leg hole in order to gently grab your baby's feet. Pull the leg through. Do the same for the other leg and then pull the baby's pants up. Secure the waist of the pants.

    If baby is going to wear socks and booties, be sure to put these one once everything else is done.

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