How to Make a Family Schedule

You might be required to accomplish several family tasks which can make your day very hectic and chaotic. However, there is no need to get worried because a well organized family schedule might solve your problems. It will definitely make your life easier and provide several benefits. The main purpose of making a family schedule is to complete each task efficiently so that you and your family members can get some extra time to relax or enjoy.

Things Required:

– Schedule
– Paper and pencil


  • 1

    Jot down daily family activities

    You need to write down all of your family’s daily activities on a piece of paper. The list should include every activity including mealtimes, taking the kids to school, watering flowers, helping your kids with their homework, music lessons, bedtimes or even recreational activities.

  • 2

    Determine time for every activity

    Next you should figure out how much time is required for every task. In case watering flowers or plants requires 15 minutes instead of half an hour then you can complete your task in this time. This can save you 15 minutes for another task. In case you are determining the time for driving, you should take the time of day into consideration. Depending on the certain time of day, there can be significantly more traffic that will slow you down.

  • 3

    Prioritize activities

    You should prioritize activities according to time and goals. In case you want the homework to be finished before dinner then you need to write it down accordingly. On the other hand if you have four kids and each wants to take a bath, you should allot bathing times to each child so that everyone gets a chance to use the bathroom. Remember to balance all the activities out to make them achievable.

  • 4

    Include special family time

    You should include family time as part of the daily schedule. It is necessary for the family to spend quality time together. This family time can be having dinner in a restaurant, going for a movie or even spending time in a park.

  • 5

    Post on a refrigerator

    You should post the daily family schedule on a refrigerator. This way, everyone can see which task needs to be done. Remember to mark off the tasks that have been completed so that you can see the progress of your schedule.

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