How to Spice up your Love Life

Living with the same person for a long time can often result in the relationship becoming a bit dull. Both the partners feel that they have learnt and discovered pretty much everything, which consequently leads to a significant decline in their interest in each other. The physical intimacy ceases to feel great as well, which is exactly why a lot of couples that have been in a relationship for years, or even months, spend weeks without having sex.

Before the relationship reaches a point where it becomes nearly impossible to keep it intact, both the partners need to make an effort to add a bit of spice to their love life. A spicy love life leads to a longer and healthier relationship.


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    Surprise your partner with an act of devotion and love. There is no need to go overboard while trying to do this. The guy can get up early in the morning to clean up the house/apartment and do the dishes, so that the girl is relieved of her burden. Likewise, the girl can bring the breakfast to bed for her guy and join her in bed. Use the mind to come up with innovative ideas to surprise each other.

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    There is never a wrong time to hug your partner. Sneak up behind them when they are doing the dishes, cooking or on the phone with a friend, put your arms around them and just hug them. Stay like that for a few seconds to let your partner know just how much you crave for them.

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    If you are out of ideas on how to make your physical intimacy with your partner more exciting, then you should start searching for inspirations. There are a lot of movies and magazines that are full of ideas for injecting spice into a relationship. Make sure you discuss everything with your partner in advance so that he/she is comfortable with it. Remember, making your love life exciting cannot be accomplished through individual effort.

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    Make your time with your partner in the bedroom more exciting by trying out new things. Following the same old routine can become boring, which is why it is important to break away from the routine after some time. Talk everything out with your partner to ensure that he/she feels comfortable about experimenting new things in the bedroom.

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    If you and your partner are comfortable talking about literally anything, then share your fantasies with each other. These fantasies can be related to the concept of a perfect date, a perfect vacation, or a perfect night in the bedroom. Try to fulfil each other’s fantasies.

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