Top 10 Ways to Show and Express Love

Love is the most wonderful feeling you encounter. It gives you strength, security and an incentive to move forward. If you have the person you love besides you, life seems complete. It is best to express your love every now and then so that the other person knows about your feelings.

Some people are shy of showing their love but it is important to gain courage and express it. This article will take you through some of the best methods to show your love.


  • 1

    “I Love You”

    These three words are often taken for granted but have a lot of power. They can bring a smile, end a misunderstanding, brighten up the day and so much more. The more explicitly you show your love,  stronger the bond will grow. So do not hesitate.

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  • 2

    Surprise Them

    Surprises always spice up the relations. No matter how old you get, everyone loves surprises. Give them flowers, pay a surprise visit, make your partners favourite dish for dinner or surprise them by taking them out to their loved place. It will bring you both closer.

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  • 3

    Make them understand that they are special

    You need to make sure that the other person knows that he/she is special. Tell them that they are perfect and the best person to spend your life with. Everyone loves special treatment so praise him/her in public, hold the door for her etc.

    You could watch a football match with your guy or make him his favourite dish.

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  • 4

    Dedicate a song

    Songs are an explicit way to tell about your feelings. Dedicate a song which reminds you of your loved one. If you sing it yourself, it will be even more special.

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  • 5

    Remember old times together

    Many couples agree that the start of the relation was the best time. As time passes, some people feel there is nothing new to spice up the relation. At such a time, you both should sit together and remember the great moments you spent together. Think of all the intimacy, happiness and love. It will surely strengthen your bond.

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  • 6

    Write your feelings

    Some of us are not good at saying what we feel so why not write your feelings on a piece of paper. Using a paper and a pen seems very romantic and a love message written in one’s own handwriting has a great effect.

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  • 7


    No matter how old you get, a kiss can make your day. It is said that kissing makes a relation healthy. It is the best way to show how attracted you are to your partner and how much you love him or her.

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  • 8

    A Perfect Romantic Date

    Dates are not just for teenagers. Even if you are married for some time you could invite your spouse to a date. It will make you both feel young and the element of romance will stay in the relation. This way you can also spend private quality time.

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  • 9

    Say “Sorry”

    One of the reasons that many relations suffer is because misunderstandings and ego comes in between. If you think you have made a mistake, the best thing is to confess and say sorry. It ends the fight or argument and gives you both a chance to make up. It also shows how much you care.

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  • 10

    Go out for a weekend

    A small trip out of town canl bring back the honey moon memories. You will get a chance to be together without any distractions; you can show your love explicitly and get intimate.

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