How to Avoid Being Superficial

In the endless process of socializing and making friends, we end up being bound in to a mean web of a superficial US. We make an avatar of ourselves to please others, an avatar that is not us. We try to build up a life that we do not live in and twist our body in to a form that our soul and spirit do not accept.

By being superficial, we either try to equal others or show superiority to them. In truth it shows the weakness of our personality and internal character. When a human starts being superficial, true relationships start to wither and are replaced by glitz and glamour which turn out to be mere facade. If you are tired of merely acting out and want to be the person that you really are on the inside, follow our step by step guide.


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    Let the true YOU out:

    Instill in yourself the belief that the true you is likable. There is nothing wrong in acting natural. Shy? blunt? Let it out. At least it is you. You only live once and that is not enough of time to act to be some one else.

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    Live with people who accept you as you are:

    People who truly love you will always be there for you, no matter how you are. Look out for them. May be you have locked them out when you built that superficial wall around yourself. When making new relationships, tell the truth about everything. Genuine people will stay and they are the ones you need.

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    Live for yourself:

    This life is yours. Eat as you like, dress as you want. If you do not think somebody is looking good, do not flatter. Do not give in to other's demands if the soul inside says no.

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    Find non- materialistic joys:

    True joy lies in relationships, friendships, love and giving. Celebrate events, give small gifts, let others know you care and will be there for them. You will get the same treatment in return and the true meaning of life will then reveal itself upon you.

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