How to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (also referred as EI or EQ) is basically a human ability to fully identify, evaluate, and handle your own emotions in order to completely understand the situation and emotions of the people within your social circle. Self-awareness, motivation, empathy and self-regulations are the basic characteristics of Emotional Intelligence.

An individual is a social animal and it is almost impossible for him or her to survive without social contacts. However, at the same time it is really important to maintain better and healthy social relations, understanding how your emotions affect them. Once you develop this ability within yourself, then you will be enjoying some nice and close relationships.

After knowing about the emotional intelligence, if you think that you lack this ability, then you do not need to worry at all. The best thing is that EI can be taught and developed. There are many published books, articles, journals, research papers to get an idea about your current emotional intelligence level. Moreover, there are many tests available to check your EI. However, given below are some easy steps to develop Emotional Intelligence, which are simple to apply and free of cost as well:


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    Be acquainted with your world

    The very first thing you have to do is, understanding the physical universe you live in. The world around us is none other than a fluid place which is continuously growing by our own individual and collective thoughts. Without a proper knowledge and understanding of these forces, you can go through various phases of life as a victim of external circumstances. Therefore, try to completely understand the external world and set you mind accordingly in order to tackle things rightly.

  • 2

    Understand Yourself

    Once you get an idea of the external world, it is the time to recognize yourself, which is an art to become conscious of what drives your behavior. Moreover, understanding yourself will help you to know about the main sources of your motivation at the most fundamental level. Once you get the idea of it, you will be able to develop emotional intelligence.

  • 3

    Free Yourself

    Keeping that which serves you and dropping that which does not serve you is a simple human psyche. Freeing yourself is about discovering all those natural resources that you have but constantly put in the situation of “I can rather than I cannot.” Therefore, do not take time in discovering the methods to put to bed all those bundle of worries, aggravations, negative thoughts and viewpoints that placed limits on what you allow yourself to do, be and have. Try to become inquisitive, be a smart spectator of yourself and live in the present moment in your natural state. The set of beliefs that you hold in your mind must completely hold up the end product you desire, or you have failed even before you start.

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    Be Yourself

    What do you understand by ‘being yourself’? It is basically an art of taking the mask of your ego and entering into your natural state. In addition to that, it means bringing into balance the level of belief you have in your logical, thinking mind and the faith in your intuition. Egoistic people are the ones who are selfish and do not understand others’ feelings at all. You can be the most influential inventor when you are simply being yourself. Try you best to be free and independent of the opinions of others and being associated to individual passion and purpose that brings alive the exclusivity of your best personality.

  • 5

    Create Yourself

    After developing the above four abilities in yourself, you can now simply go inside and ask yourself that “what do I really want to achieve in this life and where do I go from here?” it is the time to create yourself. For this purpose, you just have to create your life consistently. However, you need a system for this purpose that is easy to understand, easy to use and easy to replicate time after time. Moreover, it can be the system that keeps you focused on the result, connected to your internal compass, and that allows you to be yourself. Take a full responsibility and control of yourself individual thoughts and believes.

  • 6

    Honor the concept of teamwork

    Now, you are able to understand yourself from all aspects of life, so it is the time think out of the box and honor the concept of teamwork. Play your role in the social activities carried out within your area, family, office, or business etc. play your role as an encouraging team member at workplace, home or community.

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