Best ways to find a Wife – Easy digestible steps

Easier said than done, we don’t want to bring negativity into your mind but an interesting fact over the last 10 years is that marriage rates have declined within men and women… looks like there is a lot more hesitation to tie the knot. Don’t let this put you down as if you’re someone serious about marriage and knows how to compromise in a relationship then your hopes of finding a good wife is still very high – continue reading below as we break down the steps for you to find that perfect wife for you:


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    God bless the internet:

    According to recent research, within the last five years – online dating has becoming increasingly more popular for someone to find there life partner and we have statistics from all over the place and it is varying from 19% to 35% of total marriages happening… ONLINE! WOW.

    Top websites: and both websites deal with finding couples of opposite gender

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    Find someone at work

    Before you take this step, make sure you look into the companies “dating policy” as many companies have injected this into there policies – if all is clear go ahead and ask her for dinner the night you leave work or a weekend even better J

    Remember: Try not to date an employee that you’re managing, if you’re a manager as there is a very high number of sexual harassment charges when something goes wrong and you dismiss her… she will most likely backfire by putting charges on you such as “unfair dismissal” or “sexual harassment charges”

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    Go out with friends

    When you know it’s a big occasion, for example a friends 30th birthday chances are there will be a lot of women there – this is a perfect situation to meet someone as nearly 20% of marriages occur when meeting someone through a friend, that is a big statistic right there to ignore!

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    No such thing as a “perfect” woman

    Remember you can’t find a perfect person however you can find a perfect match, someone that is perfectly compatible with you, someone that shares the same goals, the same life morals, someone who you can connect with on a daily basis… that is a strong bond therefore a perfect match.

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