How to Make Your Pregnant Wife Happy

Pregnancy is a difficult time for a woman and being a husband, it is your duty to take good care of your partner and keep her happy. Women suffer through a lot of emotions during this time and they need a lot of support from their partner. You need to make sure she remains happy and feels good about the entire pregnancy. There are certain gestures that can delight your partner like cooking food for her or watching a good movie together. You can also help her with household chores so that there are fewer burdens on her shoulders. Consider some of the easy methods to make your pregnant wife happy.


  • 1

    Spend time with her

    You need to spend a lot of time with your wife in this phase. Your time will let her know how much you love her and how much you care. Watching a television show, going out for dinner or having a conversation with her are small things that will delight her.

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    Cook food for her

    Cooking food for your wife is a great gesture that your partner will remember for a long time. Make dinner for her after coming back from work and eat with her. She will certainly be impressed but make sure you avoid things that she does not like.

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    Clean the house for her

    You need to understand that your wife cannot do all the work alone because of her condition. Help her with chores and cleaning the house. This will definitely reduce the work load off her and she will feel relieved.

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    Control your temper

    Your wife will have a short temper during pregnancy and she will be very sensitive. You must compromise and understand her behaviour as she may be suffering from depression because of staying alone all day.

  • 5

    Give her what she wants

    She may be having cravings for a lot of odd things. For example, she may ask for ice cream in the middle of the night or she may be hungry early in the morning. Try to give her whatever she wants as you must ensure her happiness at all costs.

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