Top 10 Ways to Keep your Wives Happy

Being married is great. You come home every day to see a beautiful, smiling face waiting for you, ready to make you forget about the day’s troubles and pampering you with love and food. The former is the man’s greatest need, while the latter is his greatest desire.

There is so much that a wife does to make you happy, but have you ever asked yourself if you are doing the same for her? A woman has certain needs, certain expectations that can be met by nobody but the man that they have vowed to love for the rest of their life. It is a moral obligation of a husband to do as much as he possible can to keep his wife happy.


  • 1

    Love your wife

    A wife wants nothing more than her husband’s love. She loves to get frequent reminders of her husband’s feelings for her, which is why a husband should make it a point to kiss or hug her wife every single day.

  • 2

    Surprise your wife

    One should not forget that wives are women and women love surprises. Look for opportunities to surprise your wife. Clean up the house before she wakes up, serve her breakfast in bed on a Sunday, give her a gift. There are just so many ways in which a husband can surprise his wife.

  • 3

    Compliment your wife and her cooking

    Women love compliments and your wife is bound to be no different. That is why you should compliment her as often as you can. Tell her she’s beautiful or that she has a great body. Tell her how she drives you crazy. Do not forget to appreciate her cooking. She would surely put in a lot of effort to ensure that you love the taste of whatever it is that she has cooked for you.

  • 4

    Listen to your wife

    Like all women, your wife would love to talk and be heard. While she has an option to talk to her friends, she still chooses to talk to you, which goes to show that she values your interest and opinion far more than her friends’ opinions. Pay attention to her words and try to be an active listener.

  • 5

    Go out on dates with your wife

    Just because you two are happy does not mean you cannot have fun together. Take your wife out to the places she loves, even if it means spending hours in shopping malls.

  • 6

    Avoid drinking and smoking

    Irrespective of what the TV commercials have shown you, smoking and drinking is not cool. A lot of women hate the smell of alcohol and tobacco. There is a good chance that your wife hates such things as well, which is why you should first cut them down and eventually stop drinking or smoking completely.

  • 7

    Be faithful

    While it is natural to feel attracted to beautiful women, you need to refrain yourself from giving in to lust and keep in mind that you have a beautiful woman waiting for you at home. Never ever cheat on your wife.

  • 8

    Give time to your wife

    Husbands mean the world to wives. When at home, try to spend as much time with your wife as possible instead of watching TV, surfing the Internet, or inviting your friends over.

  • 9

    Try to fulfil your wife’s wishes

    There must be a lot of things that your wife wishes for. If you are aware of these wishes, try to fulfil them. Even if you are unable to fulfil them, your wife will truly appreciate your efforts and intentions.

  • 10

    Make your wife feel special

    Your wife deserves to know that she is the most special person in your life. Buy flowers for her on your way home, take her shopping, make her your first priority and do whatever you can to fill her life with joy.

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