How to Create Strong Relationships

Strong relationships whether platonic or romantic do not develop over night. They are products of dedication and effective communication. Having a strong bond with someone else is entirely possible but you need to understand that just like in gardening you have to prepare yourself first to be able to enter such a relationship and then when you have someone you want to grow with, you should tend to the relationship and maintain it.

If you yearn for a strong connection with someone, you need to work on yourself. You can meet a person who has the potential to be a one of your best friends but if you do not espouse qualities to make him or her stay in your life, you could miss out on a great relationship that could have been. Look internally and “weed” out those negative attitudes and behaviors that repel people from your life. To find out how to maintain a strong relationships, read on.


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    Cultivate trust

    Among the important qualities you should cultivate is the ability to trust. We will not know what our spouses, friends or partners are thinking, this means we need to trust them. Though not blind trust from the onset but we should learn to at least give people the benefit of the doubt.

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    Exercise Patience

    The great thing about strong relationships is that you get to understand the person to the point where you can actually mimic their thought process. But before then, be patient as you try to figure each other out and create the blueprint for a good friendship.

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    Give surprises

    Everybody loves surprises so remember to do thoughtful things to show that you had them in your thought and care about them. It does not have to be a gift, just approaching them in any unexpected (positive) way such as a phone call or a letter will do the trick.

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    Understand that you need to constantly communicate with your friend or partner if you want to grow a good relationship. Good communication extends to the rough periods as well. When you disagree and hurt each other, it is good communication that will help you sort things out and further grow your friendship.

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    Visualize your ideal relationship

    Figure out what you want in a relationship, what qualities are important to you and what qualities you can do without. This will enable you get an idea of how your relationship should be.

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    Learn to accept the other party

    We are not perfect, so trying to seek perfection in others is hypocritical and at worst dangerous. We must learn to accept people for who they are. We can aspire them to be better people but we can only encourage them. Any attempt to manipulate or forcefully bend the other person to your designs will not end well for you.

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