How to Detect Subtleties in a Relationship

Maintaining a relationship is not an easy thing as you will have to kill your ego to strengthen this bond of affinity. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation when you need to compromise despite of having a genuine reason of disapproval for something.

The stubbornness and tenacity give birth to subtleties in a relationship which ultimately lead this to a woeful end. However, if your relationship is positive then these subtleties can be used to strengthen your relationship.

All you need to do is to identify the problem and decide what to do without any delay.


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    Look for non-verbal subtleties:

    Most of the people do not try to read the facial expressions, body gestures and other forms of non-verbal communication and ultimately fail to understand their partner. You must not ignore the fact that subtleties can be hidden. It is not necessary that your partner expresses his/her disapproval through words so you should understand the other person’s psyche.

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    Try to read between the lines:

    Sometimes, your partner has differences but does not say it loud and clear. The most common sign is when they suggest you substitutes for something. You should be able to read between the lines and make amendments in your plans.

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    Encourage open conversation:

    If you think that it is getting difficult to detect subtleties in the relationship then try to have an open conversation with your partner. Make your partner realise that you appreciate the difference of opinion and in case of any hidden displeasures he/she should spit it out.

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    Be a good listener:

    Sometimes, you are unable to find out the problem just because you are not paying attention to what your partner says. Try to speak less and listen more to detect subtleties in your relationship. Moreover, this exercise will give your partner the impression that you value his/her opinion.

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    Find common ground:

    Even if you are right, you should not be imposing your decisions. Try to clarify everything as this negotiation will give them space and time to be vented. After draining out all the negative thoughts, they will be able to be themselves in front of you.

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    Show some kindness:

    If you are feeling some vibes of negativity then you should work to re-structure your relationship. Be kind and generous to compromise.

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    Self evaluation:

    Last but not the least, knowing yourself can be really helpful in detecting subtleties in a relationship.

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