How to Set your Table for a Holiday Gathering

Holiday gatherings give a chance to everyone to sit together with their family. It is a great time to chat and catch up with your loved ones. Although this may be fun, the host sometimes has to plan a lot to accommodate everyone. Food is an integral part of any gathering and well presented food with a great layout is a treat to the eyes. When deciding how to set the table, there are a number of things to consider like: colour schemes, dry arrangements, centrepiece, seating arrangement etc. A little planning can go a long way and help in setting the perfect table.


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    It is essential to use good china. Don’t let expensive china ware hold you back from placing it on the table. Good china should be an inspiration. There is no need to buy specially for this gathering. If you do not have extravagant dining set, it doesn't matter. White plain dishes can look just as amazing. You could decorate them with different accessories.

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    The theme of the event plays a major part in deciding the decorations. Decide the colour schemes and the decorative material accordingly. For example if it’s a Christmas gathering you could use colourful balls, fake snowflakes or candy cane. A thanksgiving table could have autumn leaves as the highlight of the decoration.

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    To give some detailing to the table, use colour full napkins. You could pick two colours that complement each other. There are various ways to display them. Toy could fold them and place with every seat or roll them and put them in rings. The market has different coloured and embellished napkin rings. Another great addition is candles; either put them in candle stands or in dimple glasses to give an intimate effect. If it is Christmas, red candles look great. Use glittery or beaded candles and further decorate them with colourful ribbons. Put name cards in front of every seat, it is a fun detail, decides the seating arrangement and makes everyone feel wanted.

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    Lastly don’t forget a centrepiece. They are the limelight of a dining table. Centrepieces could be made with different things. It could be a flower arrangement made from the seasonal flowers. This adds a lot of colours. Another option is dry arrangement with pine cones and leaves. You could also bring out creativity by making a fruit centrepiece. Use hard fruits like lemons, citrus fruit, pomegranates etc.

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