Top 10 Things Men Love except Women

Men love women; there are no two opinions about this fact. Some odd the researches suggest that a common man thinks of females every few seconds. This can obviously vary in individual cases.

It is also important to know that women are not the only love that men have. They have their own other objects of affection which they cannot have enough of. Most of them are related to hobbies that are sported by men. Some of them are their favourite ‘toys’ as well. The list is a long one and has a number of interesting names on it.


  • 1

    Game Consoles

    Men like to play their Playstation and their X-box like anything. Give them time and the games they like and they can kill the whole weekend.

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  • 2

    Cell Phones

    Their little toys that help them communicate. With more features being introduced, these hand held machines are a must have for every man.

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  • 3


    Be it laptops or desktops or even tablets, men love them. They make the job easy for them, something that every male can’t have enough of.

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  • 4


    Now that is something to satisfy their tummies. The cheese, the meat and the bread, all of them combine to make some seriously mouth watering treats.

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  • 5


    Steaks are certainly much desired by men. They like to have their veggies along with the big piece of meat that is so tasty with all that marinating, yummy.

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  • 6

    Playing Sports

    This provides men with an inner satisfaction of achievement and by nature; men prefer the outdoors to indoors. So it fits right into the routine.

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  • 7

    Watching Sports

    It’s a good time to be with friends and eat their pizzas while they cheer for the favourite teams. One of the simple pleasures of life.

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  • 8


    Guys surely like to show off a little and nothing is better than a fancy watch. They are willing to spend some money to get something good.

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  • 9


    Bikes give them a chance to feel the power as they speed away on the road. The wind blowing against also is a pleasurable feeling.

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  • 10


    They can sleep on them if they have too. The topic is as long as any topic can be and the bottom line is that men love their cars way too much. In some cases, more than their ladies too.

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