How to Make Unwanted Guests Leave

Goodness, unwanted guests! When uninvited guests knock on your door, you feel like banging your head against the wall. It is one among the hardest tasks for the well mannered homeowners to make the unwanted guests leave without developing negative perception about them.

Making the unwanted guests leave without being rude to them is no doubt a very difficult task, but not impossible at all. All you have to do is, respond with courteous BUT smart tactics.

“Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days,” well said by Benjamin Franklin – a leading author. Do not panic, you will not have to bear them for three days as this simple guide of step by step contains some very interesting but effective methods to make unwanted guests leave. Given below methods are simple but very helpful to accomplish the task:


  • 1

    Start with a displeasing welcome at the door

    The moment you come to know about the visit of unwanted guests or find them knocking on your door, make a mind to make them leave as soon as possible. It is your early strategy so there is no need to be harsh so early. Remain polite, bring a brief fake smile on your face and open the door for them as you are chatting or busy. It helps in giving them a signal in no uncertain terms that it is not the right time to visit you.

  • 2

    Ignore them politely

    Once they enter your home, there is no need to be sweet to them. Therefore, give them least attention and pretend that you are busy. Offer them the most uncomfortable chair available in your home and start cleaning or dusting, making the unwanted guests stands up few times. Moreover, you can make a long distance phone call and talk for as long as you want.

  • 3

    Be a pretentious host

    Another way to make the ill-favored guests uncomfortable at your place is pretending that you are not feeling well at all. Think out of the box and let them know that the disease you are suffering from is contagious. We hope this formula works for you as your guests would like to stay away from the risk of getting sick and will decide to leave without delay.

  • 4

    Attack them some annoying questions

    If you are not good at pretending things, then simply make them uncomfortable with various irritating questions. If your unwanted guest is a female then ask her about her age, talk about femininity. For example, you can have a conversation like “Oh dear, you have lost weight?” “Why you always wear dull and old fashioned dresses,” and “Why you always make a weird hairstyle?” etc. On the other hand, you can irritate the male guest by asking questions regarding his salary, fat tummy and white hair etc.

  • 5

    Argue and disagree with them

    Get into the nerves of your unwanted guests by arguing with him or her and disagreeing with them all the time. Make sure not to agree with them at any cost, even if you think that they are right. Hope so they will get irritated with your irritating behavior, and would not feel like talking anymore.

  • 6

    Scold their children

    Parents cannot bear anyone’s harsh attitude towards their children, even if it’s the host. Therefore, do not waste time and get advantage of this trick. If your undesired guests have brought their kids along with them, do not pamper them and scold them as much as you can, complaining about their wicked behavior.

  • 7

    Get some help from your naughty kid

    If you have a naughty kid, do not stop him or her from their mischievous acts and gently introduce them to your unwanted guests. Ask your naughty kid (S) to play with their beloved guests or their children. Now, let your kid show his or her naughtily acts, making the guests think that it is better to return home.

  • 8

    Ask your trained dog to lend a hand

    It is the time to ask your nicely trained dog to lend a hand in getting rid of the unwanted guests. Just murmur a few words to your naughty dog's ears so that it comprehends your situation that you do not get pleasure from the guests’ visit much. The more ugly, bigger and aggressive the dog is, the bad it is for the guests and the better it is for you.

  • 9

    Make them less comfortable

    Do not make the mistake to make your unwanted guests feel at home. Do not provide them with any source of entertainment like TV, music, facilities etc. Take away things like TV remote, toiletries, bedding and all other things that can possibly provide them with the opportunity to entertain themselves at your cost.

  • 10

    Let them know that you are pitiable cook

    Serve your unwanted guests with terrible food or the ones with bad smell. Do not make to present them delicious meal, otherwise, you will find them asking for more and as a result spending more time with you. Moreover, dish up small portion on their plates and place a large portion on yours one.

  • 11

    Let them know about your important commitments

    Let your unwanted guests know ingratiatingly that you and your family need to go out for an important gathering, appointment or party etc. Make a polite excuse that “We are really sorry as we have to attend a party,” “We have to pick one of our good friend or relative from station or airport,” or “We must go to a very important get-together, can we meet some other day?" etc.

  • 12

    Share some horrible stories

    When you think that it is getting late and your unwanted guests are in a mood of overnight stay at your place, make sure to get a bit impolite with them, but in a smart way. The best thing you can do is, narrate a fake story of recent incidents of robbery in your area or street. Moreover, make the situation more tensed for them by talking about situations like someone was harshly beaten or killed for nothing.

  • 13

    Take a deep breath and get a bit harsh this time

    If all of the above steps failed to make your unwanted guests leave, simply adopt a straight forward attitude, make a polite excuse and ask them to leave. No doubt it’s a bit harsh attitude but that is the only way to get rid of such irritating and unwanted guests who haven’t left you alone at the end of so many strategies.

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