How to Get Your Husband’s Attention

During the early days of marriage, your husband probably gave you a lot of attention because of the intensity of love and passion. However, as years go by, the intensity of love and passion dies down and eventually reaches a point where you find yourself desperate for some attention from your husband. While marriage counselling can help you revive the passion that your marriage has begun to lack over the years, you can also get your husband’s attention and make him crazy about you once again by doing some very simple things on your own.


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    Make yourself look more attractive. Use makeup to highlight your best features and wear clothes that your husband is bound to love. Your husband will not be able to take his eyes off a beautiful woman dressed in an equally beautiful dress. Make sure the dress compliments your personality and that you look comfortable in it. Also make sure the makeup you put on is not too loud, as it may end up making you look funny. You will succeed in getting your husband’s attention by looking funny and awkward, but surely you are not looking for this sort of an attention from him. Wear a perfume whenever you are around him to let your scent fill up his senses.

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    Start showing interest in your husband’s hobbies. If you find him sitting in front of the TV watching his favourite sports, join him on the couch and show a bit of interest in the action on the screen. Do a bit of research to understand the sport so that you are able to hold a conversation with him on it. If he has some other hobby, share it.

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    Start showing interestin your husband’s daily life. Ask him about his work. Pay attention while he starts talking about his job, boss and colleagues. Men love to have someone to listen to them when they feel like venting their frustration due to a stressful day at work.

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    Get your body in shape. A good body is extremely hard to resist. Concentrate on attaining and maintaining a great figure and then wear clothes that highlight your shape. If you are spending enough time in the gym and eating healthy, you will surely make it extremely hard for your husband to concentrate on anything in your presence. His mind and eyes will remain fixated on you.

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    Go out on a date night every week, preferable on a weekend when your husband is not feeling tired due to a hectic day at work.

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