How to Be the Best Flatmate Ever

Sharing apartments with other people is something everyone dreads to do. This is because you don’t know what to expect from your room mate, and many people feel they might never find the best roommate out there.

This is where you can really prove them wrong. By being the best flatmate ever, you can turn things around on the person you are sharing the apartment with. This is because with you doing just about everything correctly, it will be down to them to be just as perfect as you.

On the long run, this could prove to be rather beneficial to both of you, as you both look to prove who is the better flatmate.


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    Get groceries

    One of the primary problems that all flatmates have, is when it comes to taking care of the groceries. No one ever wants to go out and get the groceries, since it seems to be like far too much work. This tends to lead to a number of disagreements and fallouts between flatmates.

    This is where you can step in and volunteer. Your flatmate will be thrown off, and will wonder just what has gotten into you. However, this is one of the best ways to be on your way up the ladder of being the best flatmate ever.

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    Clean up

    Another thing flatmates tend to argue over, is when it comes down to cleaning the common areas and doing the dishes. Everyone tends to clean only their rooms in shared apartments, but no one puts in any effort to cleaning up the areas that everyone shares.

    You can once again step in and be the bigger person and help clean out those areas. Once again your flatmate is going to thank their lucky stars for being flat mates with you.

    You may also do the dishes while you are at it, since it tends to come under common areas.

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    Bring in presents randomly

    The other best way to get your flatmate to think of you as being one of the greatest people of all time, is if you shower them with gifts every now and then.

    This might make them initially think that you are up to no good, but if you keep doing it repeatedly, they are going to just start appreciating it and giving you the best feedback on earth.

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