How to Deal With Disharmony in Family

Disharmony is always a source of tension and psychological pressure. However if it is inside the family, it gets really nasty because the people involved are all related by blood and relationship. When you have a conflict with other people, you can block any contact with them and avoid facing them again. However with family you can not do the same thing. With family breaking off is not an easy thing to do and one always tries to find a way out. Our step by step guide has some advice on how to deal with relationships inside the family when a disharmony rises.


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    Act mature:

    Whenever there is a conflict remember that as family you are bound to see each other and miss each other. Also remember how crucial family terms are. When you realize this you will refrain from crossing over the bridge and closing all doors by being insulting or misbehaving. Deal with conflict in a sensible way. The best way is to communicate. As family you will naturally have feelings for each other and so it will be easier too get over things than in other relationships. Try to keep the problems inside the circle as things tend to deteriorate with the number of people involved in it.

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    Get over egos:

    Like any other relationship, disharmony in a family is fueled by the rising ego barriers. At times the problem is not as nasty as the egos make it. With family cut down on it. It might also mean that you will be the first one trying to negotiate.

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    Talk it over:

    When things go too bad, call a one to one meeting and sort things out like mature people. You can wait for the tempers to cool down before discussing them again. If you have any explanations or any fault to admit, do that now before the cold grows too much.

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    Be ready to forgive:

    When you talk it over, at times you might find out that the other person is at fault. At this time find in you the courage and will to forgive so that the relationship survives and there are new beginnings.

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    Involve an elder:

    Although it is better to keep problems private and concentrated, you might want to involve some one wiser when things go out of hand. Every family has a member who is respected a lot by others due to either age or wisdom. This member might be able to hear both parties out and solve the problem.

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    Rationalize the root cause:

    Because it is family, we tend to expect a little too much and over burden the other person. What we need to understand is that it is another individual with his own interests, limitations and personal space. May be you are pressuring him a bit too much and need to give it a break. When you see things this way, the fault of the other person seems to diminish a bit and it becomes easier to forgive.

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    Give it a break:

    At times the best solution is to not solve the problem but get over it for the tiime with a strong heart. Here I am talking about getting over the problem and not the relationship. However if you think that it hurts just with interaction, you might decide to just give it a break. During a break people get to think over the issue and the tempers cool down. While time passes, past problems and grudges tend to tone down and the heart ache of missing each other starts which is the start of a patch up.

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    Breaking off might be easier:

    Some disputes do not have a solution. They cannot be solved by any form of explanation and talking over. They continue to serve as thorns in our lives and hurt all. It might just be better to break it off. You will suffer today but might have just have peace of mind tomorrow.

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