How to Approach Your Husband About a Divorce

Approaching your husband about a divorce can never be easy especially if it is one sided or if he is unaware of your feelings to get out of the relationship. Many women often find themselves stuck in a bad marriage and are unhappy with the way their lives have turned out after marriage. Often women that want to get divorced find it very hard to approach their husbands to discuss the options. If you want to approach your husband about a divorce remember to understand that a lot of emotions are usually involved and sometimes the guy is either surprised or very upset at the notion of getting a divorce.


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    Get advice from divorced friends or family:

    Try to get as much advice as possible from friends or family members that have gone through a divorce. They can help you understand the best ways to approach your husband about getting a divorce.

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    Bring the subject up gently:

    Try to bring up the subject of divorce with your husband gently and try not to just blurt it out or catch him off guard which can surprise him. Talk to your husband about a divorce when he is relaxed and not worrying about work related issues.

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    Discuss the reasons:

    Openly discuss the reasons as to why you want a divorce from him. Being honest about the different issues that have bothered you and your marriage is a good place to start. This will help your husband realise that things are not working and that it might be better to get a divorce.

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    Talk about feelings:

    Talk to your husband about your feelings regarding your marriage. Ask him to also do the same and it will help you better understand where you are both at in the marriage. Most times you will both discover a whole host of different issues that might not be easy to resolve or your husband might have been already thinking of getting a divorce but was also stuck with the idea of how to approach you about the subject.

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    Listen carefully:

    Once you have brought up the idea of getting a divorce, be sure to carefully listen to what your husband has to say and how he feels about the idea. Give him a chance to talk and express himself openly and with honesty.

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    Be Consistent:

    If you are looking to get divorced you are obviously not happy with something in your marriage. Be firm and consistent after approaching your husband for a divorce. Do not waiver as you have made your mind up for a reason.

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