Top 10 Reasons to Be Single

While it is great to have someone who waits for you at the door when you return from work, cooks and serves you food, takes care of the dirty laundry and keeps the house clean, the benefits of being single arguably outweigh the benefits of being in a relationship or being married.

If you have had the opportunity of having a long conversation with people who exchanged their single status for what they thought would be a dream ride, you will already know what a big misconception that is.

While there might be some really great things about being in a relationship, there are plenty of reasons to stay single too.


  • 1

    No monsters-in-law

    One of the biggest downsides to letting go of your single status and getting married are the in-laws. Being stuck with annoying, meddling and obnoxious in-laws can be a nightmare of a situation to find yourself in, and therefore, serves as a big reason to avoid marriage completely.

  • 2

    Spend more time with friends

    With no spouse or partner to cling to you, you will be free to hang out with your friends, playing sports with them or visiting clubs.

  • 3

    No sharing of the TV remote

    There is nothing more annoying than having to miss your favourite show or an all-important play-off game between the Lakers and Heat just because your partner wants to catch the latest episode of Master Chef. For single women, the exact opposite is true. If you want to hold on to your liberty of watching whatever you want on TV, hold on to your single status firmly.

  • 4

    More savings

    Since you will be spending your hard-earned money only on yourself, you will find yourself saving more money.

  • 5

    More personal space

    If you are one of the many people who simply cherish their personal space and do not like to make any compromises on it, then you would definitely want to avoid getting into a relationship. You will find yourself fighting for some breathing space and find it extremely hard to keep your business your own.

  • 6

    Better health

    Being single will give you enough spare time to hit the gym regularly. You will also be able to scout for healthy food instead of having to eat what is served to you because your refusal to eat it would hurt someone’s sentiments.

  • 7

    No need to make plans for two

    Rather than worrying about having to make plans for two, you will only find yourself taking your own interests into consideration, to make plans that are bound to be more fun.

  • 8

    Career benefits

    When in a relationship, you are forced to balance your work-life with your married life. However, with nobody waiting for you at home, you will be able to give more time to your work and even join your employers or bosses for a casual outing.

  • 9

    Fish around without feeling guilty

    With the world being full of beautiful people, it makes very little sense to tie yourself to just one of them. By staying single, you will be able to flirt around without feeling any pangs of guilt.

  • 10

    Learn new activities

    When you are single, you have plenty of free time on your hands. You can take up new activities just for the sake of experience.

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