+Ten Things that can Destroy Your Marriage

Marriage is two-way street that requires effort from both ends in order to make it work and most of all, last. Marriage is supposed to be a life-long and beautiful experience. The last thing married couples want from the on start of their marriage, is to experience a divorce. There’s absolutely nothing fun about leaving your spouse, unless you married them for the wrong reasons in the first place. But if you truly love your spouse, you’ll make sure to use everything in your power to keep your marriage going for as long as you can.

With that being said, there are little things that can destroy your marriage and most of the time it can be entirely your fault. But because no one is perfect, it is still not an excuse to have neglected those little things you must have been doing unawares. However, it’s not too late to start identifying those little things and looking forward to make a change for the better. Fortunately for you, we have compiled within this article ten things that you ought to know that can destroy your marriage.


  • 1

    Your need to be right always

    Feeling the need to be right always can gradually destroy your marriage if care is not taken. You’ll probably just make your partner feel bad all the time and even worse, make them feel like their opinions don’t matter whether it’s entirely true or not.

  • 2

    Constantly controlling your partner

    Your spouse is not a puppy so avoid exercising too much authority on them for whatever reason you deem it necessary for. You might begin to make them feel entrapped and terrified by your presence, which isn’t a good thing.


  • 3

    Unnecessary retaliations

    If your spouse offends you, it’s not a must to retaliate and further exacerbate the whole situation. At times it’s just best to handle things in much subtle and less harmful way.

  • 4

    Playing the blame game

    Marriage should be about forgiveness, forgetting and more importantly and overlooking the minor things. Your partner might do something wrong, instead of blaming them and shattering their self-esteems, it’s always advisable to just encourage them instead.

  • 5

    Feelings of neglect

    If you are feeling neglected, do something about it instead of waiting for your partner to notice what’s happening. At-times your partner might be innocently distracted and so you’ll have to approach them and get them to notice you.

  • 6

    Taking your spouse for granted

    Maybe you have this little bad habit of taking people for granted, including your spouse, then you might want to work on yourself, because it isn’t good for your marriage at all. Take note that if your spouse does something for you and you fail to appreciate their effort, this can be seen as taking them for granted.

  • 7

    Barely paying attention

    Are you so busy that you can’t seem to make time for your spouse? Making time for them also includes, taking note of the little things they do.

  • 8

    Unresolved arguments

    Never sleep on little arguments or disputes with your spouse without putting them to bed. If you argue and your spouse walks out on you, wait for them to come back and make sure you issue is been resolved. Postponing it, might just cause you to lose the zeal to wanting to make peace. Be the grown-up and do the right thing, it’ll definitely help your marriage!

  • 9

    Lack of communication

    Effective communication is one of the most important bed-rocks that every marriage should be built upon. Failing to do so can cause the both of you to gradually drift apart until.


  • 10

    If you cherish your marriage, then you shouldn’t allow anything destroy it just like that. Therefore find these useful by observing to make a change wherever need be.

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