How to Prepare Your Husband for Childbirth

The trend has changed now and the days when a father used to sit outside the operation ward and wait for the good news to come have gone past. Nowadays, most men do not prefer sitting outside the operation theatre and want to the part of the golden moment, assisting their wives in every possible way. A father-to-be gives both physical and emotional support to his spouse as they wish to be a part of labour. Of course, they are not used to it and they need a little help and guidance.


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    Go to birthing classes

    If you want your husband to be a part of the childbirth, it is important that you take him to birthing classes during the pregnancy period. Birthing classes are the places which are set up similar to a hospital, so he could be aware of the environment and circumstances he will be facing on the most important day of his life. This will also allow him to understand you in that particular position and help you as much as he could to keep you calm and safe.

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    Drive to the hospital with your husband

    On the most awaited day of your life, your husband should drive you to the hospital. If anyone offers assistance in taking you to the hospital, you should sophisticatedly refuse him/her and let your husband take you to the hospital.

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    Let him feel useful

    Do not expect your husband to be involved in the labour practices, of course that will the doctor’s task and your husband is not expert at it. The primary task of your husband in the labour room will be to give his emotional and physical help to you. He will also make efforts to keep your distracted from the pain and keep you calm. He will also be the only person to spread the word in the family as everyone will be contacting him and seeking little updates.

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    Make sure he is with you at the right moment

    You must ensure that your husband is by your side when the right moment comes. Having him on your side at the ‘push moment’ is necessary and he should be there holding your hand. After everything is done, you should relax and let him take care of the baby. You should try to recover after the childbirth and let your husband perform his duty.

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