Top 10 Reasons to Breakup with Someone

Getting into a relationship is hard, but getting out of it is even harder. When people first begin to see each other they think the love will never cease to exist, but time is their biggest enemy as many couples fall out of love after a long relationship. In a struggling relationship if there are too many reasons to split instead of living together then it is time for you to realise that breaking up is probably the best thing to do.


  • 1

    Nothing to talk about

    You should realize that there is something wrong when the two of you have nothing to talk about. While it is recommended that you work towards fixing any issues, you must know when to call it off.

  • 2

    People change

    People change with time. You might have fallen in love with him/her in the past, but he/she might have changed over time, adopting habits you dislike. It is healthy to discuss these issues, but if your partner fails to change, you might want to call it quits.

  • 3

    Keeping secrets

    Once you two start keeping secrets, the relationship is pretty much over. If you feel the need to keep secrets from your significant other, you should reconsider the relationship seriously.

  • 4

    The desire for freedom

    If your partner is very possessive, and has gotten worse with time, you might start feeling trapped. Your freedom comes before anything else, and if you are in a suffocating relationship, it is time you break it off.

  • 5

    Unable to connect with the partner

    If you no longer feel any connection with him/her then it is time to end the relationship as well. Being connected means you can always talk to them whenever you want but if he/she appears too busy or least interested in what you have to say, consider that your relationship is reaching its end.

  • 6

    No intimacy

    If the two of you are no longer comfortable with intimacy, you really need to consider whether both of you are really into the relation. If not, it is better to part ways early than drag it out.

  • 7

    Constant fighting

    Fighting all the time, especially in public, is a bad sign which shows that you two can no longer stand each other. If this happens a lot, you should consider breaking up.

  • 8

    No desire to make things work

    Couples fight, but that doesn't mean they have to end the relationship; however, if neither of you want to make up, you have a problem on your hands. In the early stages of the relationship, couple like to resolve their differences quickly after a fight; however, later the urge to mend fences can disappear.

  • 9

    Spending time outside

    Spending more time outside with other people and less with your partner is another sign that the relationship should be reconsidered.

  • 10

    Disagreeing all the time

    If you and your partner have changed, and no longer agree on anything, you might want to break it off.

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