How to Have a Long Term Relationship with a Girl

Keeping a girl happy is not a science but an art which requires a photogenic memory and a smart mind that will consume knowledge which no one else seem to possess. You are in love with a lady but that is not good enough to sustain a relationship for foreseeable future. You will have to go an extra mile and work a bit out of the way to make sure the girl is happy and content. Never be typical like all men or she will lose interest in you. Always bring different tone and touch to something that is special to the girl.


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    Go shopping each time she asks you and doesn’t matter if you are busy or not. She will like you to accompany her and no one else so don’t even think of sending a driver to pick her up and drop her at the mall. She wants your company at the things that she likes so be ready to get a tour of all malls near your place by the end of the first week of relationship.

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    Remember dates that may seem special to her. Remember her statements and use them later during conversations to impress her. She will be perplexed to know that you have such an amazing memory and care to remember things that make a difference for her. The dates that you should not forget is the first day you met her, the day you proposed her and her birthday. Apart from that, you should know her favourite cuisine, favourite colour and the dress or clothing she likes to see you in.

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    Never argue to her. She will always win because she will have this awesome comeback statement that you don’t even respect her and don’t trust her. She will bring stuff from the past and use it as the strongest weapon in the fights even though that has no connection with the topic of argument. So, never bother to argue with her. Just accept her solution.

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    You must not forget to please her at night. Ignorance is something that every girl hates especially in the moment that belongs to her. Night is her time so spend it with her rather go out with friends.

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    Ignite the feeling of love every now and then by tickling and caressing her body. She will love it for sure.

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