How to make people cry

At times it is important for you to know how you can make other people cry. Whether you are a heartless and cruel person who loves to make people cry, or you want to draw other people’s attention towards yourself; whatever the case may be, knowing the art of making people cry is something worth keeping. Following are the steps through which you can make other people cry.


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    You can always start off by touching someone’s soft spot. There are a few things that the other person might be attached to more than any other thing. Simply target that particular area and disregard it. They will definitely feel a pinch and might cry.

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    Secondly, target someone’s parents. This can be another way to make someone cry. Tell them how their parents aren’t exactly how parents should be. They are overweight and rude, and don’t give them things they need. You will most probably end up being called a jerk, but it’s a chance worth taking.

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    Take out the onion and knife. This may lead to artificial tears, but nonetheless the other person will have drops of water flowing down their eyes. Simply take an onion and start cutting it with a knife right under the other person’s nose. Be careful as this might even make your own eyes watery.

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    If you think that the other person is too comfortable despite the efforts you have put in then start tickling them like a maniac. You might believe that tickling leads to people laughing like maniacs, but the truth is that after some time it starts to hurt and makes the other person cry.

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    Beating someone up isn’t really an option. Try to avoid contact at any cost. There are people who would make other people cry by torturing them, but that is not the way to go about things. Make sure that whatever you do, you keep things simple and you do not touch the other person to the limit that they eventually take you or report you to the police.

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    Lastly, try to annoy the other person. Keep a close eye on things which make them cry. For instance, there might be a story which they have (everyone has a past), simply repeat it and keep asking them questions regarding that particular event. It will surely make their eyes watery and eventually they will end up crying.

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