How to Solve Conflict in a Relationship

Every relationship can always have fun, happiness and good times if there is no conflict. However, it is an inevitable part of life and conflicts always come between relationships. Whether it is between friends, family members, boy friend/girl friend, husband/wife, conflict is experienced in every relation. It leads to separation of friends, lovers etc and it may even cause divorce. You might feel that there is nothing in world that can fix the problem. However, this is not the case. If both parties take some steps in order to solve the conflict.


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    Ways of solving conflicts

    Conflicts are going to happen wherever there is a relationship whether in friends or partners. However, there are healthy ways and unhealthy manners in order to solve conflicts.

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    Unhealthy ways of solving conflicts

    In case you opt to choose unhealthy way of solving conflict, you may end up killing the relationship. Some of the unhealthy ways are dominating your partner whether speaking loudly or in a bad way. Some other ways which can dent a relationship for years are mocking or insulting.

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    Healthy things to do when conflict arises

    You can consider doing some healthy things when a conflict arises. You can take deep breath which will make you realize that you are acting like a child. By this you will be able to have a control over you.

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    Do not take personally the negative behaviour of your partner

    Usually when conflict arises, adults tend to cry, shout, break things, insult each other or run away. However, you should keep in mind that it was all under an emotional state. Avoid making the incident too personal.

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    Disarm and de-escalate

    You need to make sure that the argument should not get too warmer. You can leave the scenario or say that you need little time to get yourself under control. After you take some time off and return to the room, you both will talk to each other in a civilized manner.

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    Avoid restricting yourself from showing affection

    After an argument, you should not refrain from showing your affections to your partner. This may damage your relationship for a long time.

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    Reconnect with the other person

    You should not wait too long to talk to each other. When things get better, you can confront your friend that he/she means alot to you but do not like that particular thing etc. If you want to get back your friend even if you think it was not your flaw, you should say “sorry, we fought” or are you “ok” etc. This is because a single word can bring back your friend or mate.

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