How to Spy on Your Husband

Complete trust is detrimental to a strong and healthy relation but of course, no one likes to be lied to and that is where the need to spy arises. If you have doubt that your husband is lying to you, then spying may be your last resort. However, you should keep in mind that there should be a limit to your suspicion and you should never let it control of your mind. In case of a marriage, you must ask your husband directly before engaging yourself in any spying activity.


  • 1

    Find out his whereabouts

    In order to keep a sound check on your husband, it is necessary that you must know his whereabouts. For this, you must try and keep track of all the places that he visits on daily basis. It is mandatory that you should also know about the time of his visit. These places can be his favourite place for doughnut, lunch, bar or any leisure club. You should list down all these places and time, so you could have a sound idea just at a glance.

  • 2

    Visit these places

    After you have made a list of all the places that are a part of your husband’s daily routine, you must go to these places and enquire about your husband from waiters, managers or other staff members. The staff will be definitely be able to give you information regarding with whom your husband visits the place. It is important that you hide the purpose of such questioning from these people, because if your husband is their loyal and regular customer, there is a greater chance that the staff will bring this to his knowledge.

  • 3

    Call your husband from a pay phone

    You should go to the nearest pay phone and dial your husband’s number from there. After the call is connected, you must focus on the sounds coming from the background to identify where your husband is right now and in whose company.

  • 4

    Check his computer

    While your husband is gone at work, you must check his computer thoroughly. You should be looking for his emails, chat conversations and his credit card transactions, if he uses online banking.

  • 5

    Check history

    You must not forget to check his browser history. There is a probability that your husband uses multiple web browsers so check all of them.

  • 6

    Follow him

    You should change your get up and follow your husband by renting a car and follow him to check where he goes and who he meets.

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