How to Keep a Long Distance Friendship Alive

Many people believe that long distance relationships are doomed to failure. However, this statement is not true if your friendship is mutual and if you are willing to retain the long distance friendship without any grudges.

Previously, only a few people believed in long distance friendships. This skepticism was fuelled by personal experience and observation of familiar relations. However, there are examples in which people have maintained a relationship despite being thousands of kilometres away from each other and having only basic means of communication to rely on.

Nowadays, there are simpler means of communication available, through which you can easily maintain contact with your loved ones who live miles away. If you are truly determined to keep a long distance friendship alive, then there are several ways in which you can go about it.


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    Maintain daily contact with your friend. It is important not to lose the intimacy and trust that you two share. Get into the habit of waking up early, call your friend and wish her/him good morning. Nowadays, keeping in touch every day is simple if you start using a cell phone or the internet. If you and your friend both have a working internet connection, you can not only chat with each other but you can also see each other with ease and comfort. This means it is even easier to communicate, because you have the opportunity to see your friend on a daily basis.

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    Communication is the best way to maintain a healthy friendship. Tell your friend the details of your life, what's going on at your end, and ask for advice in difficult situations. Also, ask him/her how they spent their day and what their plans are for the near future. It will develop and strengthen trust between you two.

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    Adjust yourself positively, no matter how complicated and tragic your separation was. Do not fall into a prolonged depression thinking of each other. Celebrate each event by wishing each other through the telephone or sending cards with optimism, keeping in mind that the separation will not last forever.

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    Keep faith in each other and be accommodating. If the other person is not contacting you, do not think that it was his/her responsibility to contact you. Always make the first move so that the other person might feel that you are still interested in talking and sharing your precious feelings with him/her.

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    If you have made new friends, do not discuss them too much because it can sometimes give rise to jealousy. Even if you decide to tell your long distance friend about a new friend, tell him/her that he/she is still the best, irrespective of the new entrant in your life. Jealousy erodes the human soul and can ruin relationships, especially long distance ones.

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