Steps to Make Christmas Card for Your Parents

For parents their children are the most precious gifts they are ever blessed with. They try their level best to provide them with the best facility no matter how hard they have to work, or how difficult the time is for them.

Children get so much attached to their parents that their mom or dad becomes their role models and they try to avail every chance to prove their love and affection to them.

Besides birthdays and anniversaries, Christmas Eve is among those special events, for which children restlessly wait the entire year.

This occasion is all about spreading love by sending gifts and spending the whole day with family and friends. Parents try to fulfill their child’s desire by buying something special, likewise children also have an urge to make their parents happy by creating homemade items as a gift, which includes handmade cards.


  • 1

    Before you get started with the exciting activity, make sure that you are available with all the necessary items.
    Things which are needed are as follow
    a) Plain paper sheets
    b) Scissor
    c) Pencil
    d) Rubber
    e) Sharpener
    f)Colour pencils, pastels, markers or water colours

  • 2

    Take a piece of paper cut it into the size you need. You can make big cards or any other size of your choice and fold it to make shape of a card.

  • 3

    Try to remember what is that thing which your parents admire a lot, it could be flowers, birds, greenery, cars or any other thing. Take a pencil and neatly draw it on the card you made previously.

  • 4

    When you are done with the drawing part, erase all the areas which you think is making the look of the card untidy.  Take your favorite colours and fill the drawing you have made.

  • 5

    Very nicely write the title as Merry Christmas and make it bold so that it clearly appears on the card.

  • 6

    For traditional designs you can draw a beautiful Christmas tree or a picture of Santa Claus who is on its way to give away gifts.

  • 7

    There is another wonderful idea which will definitely surprise your parents. Take a coloured print out of a family picture which was taken on the previous Christmas, or an image of any other occasion. Stick that image on your card and then you will not need anything else to fill up your card.

  • 8

    The last step is to write a message in the card. The best thing would be not to copy any sentence and write whatever comes in your mind by express how much you love them. Those words will be very precious for your parents.
    It is definitely not necessary to buy expensive gifts and make your parents happy, sometimes their children’s small gestures means world to them.

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