How to Spice Up Your Relationship

No matter how much in love you might think you are with your partner, gradually the fire dies out and then everything starts going awry in a relationship. What most people neglect is the fact that you need to keep the passion and romance alive in your partnership if you want to avoid dullness and boredom coming between you and your spouse/partner.

Both parties in a relation need to cater to each other’s needs. Remember, as a male it is your responsibility to make your girlfriend/wife feel comfortable and safe around you.


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    Hugging is a good way to spice up things; spontaneous hugging not only feels good but is also a big turn-on. Hugging ignites passion and desire in couples and makes you feel closer to you partner.

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    Plan to travel together, you need some adventure in your life and travelling will re-ignite the sense of excitement. It would be a good idea to travel by road or by train so that you spend most part of your journey on the road.

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    Pampering your partner is another way to spice up your relationship. You do not have to pay attention to minor details when the relationship is just blooming, but years later these minor details help keep the relationship healthy.

    You need to exhibit your love towards your partner or else the relationship will begin to fall apart as both of you will eventually lose interest in each other. When coming back home from work, grab flowers for your partner waiting for you. Flowers or other treats will mean a lot for your loved one.

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    Spending a vacation together is another way to spice up your relationship and get some time to reconnect with each other. Do not be the dominant one and choose a mutual location for the vacation. A place which is a turnoff for your partner should be scrapped from the list. Perhaps choosing a location where your spouse/partner wanted to go for the honeymoon but for some reason could not, might be a good idea.

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    Exploring new things and places together is another great way to bond with your partner. You can scout some new restaurants and go on dates to pamper each other. If the two of you enjoy historic places, you can plan a trip around the world and get time away from the mediocrity of life.

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    A relationship can get clogged as you start feeling the pressure of living with your partner. Being around the same person each day can be exhausting but before you take any drastic decisions which might end your relationship for good. It is wise to take a break and spend some time with your parents or friends.

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